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In a market setting in which competition between operators reduces the operating margins, Exprivia offers specialist optimization and transformation services on telecommunication networks, confirmed by the leading customers in the sector (Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Cisco, Italtel, etc.). In particular, Exprivia's skills in this sector are focused on engineering, integration, rollout and testing services for "core" networks, access and transportation, capacity management services, definition and analysis of performance and quality indicators (KPI/QPI) and assurance services. Exprivia also offers solutions and services for virtualized networks (SDN), in line with market evolutions.

Telecommunications network technology is evolving continually: over a few decades, we have seen the passage from basic telephony to broad-band data communication, soon to become ultra-broad with the completion of the diffusion of FTTx (Fiber To The x) technology on the landline network and 4G for the mobile part, with 5G technology already appearing on the horizon.

Exprivia has followed and constantly follows this evolution by providing its customers, whether they are telecommunications operators or builders, with highly qualified engineers for supporting the transformation and optimization of the networks, accepting the market challenge, which requires increasingly well performing networks that are, however, simple and economic to manage.

The Exprivia staff has skills on mobile and landline networks (2G/3G/4G, VoLTE, WiFi, WiMax, FTTx, xADSL), core networks (Media Gateway, MSC, HLR/VLR,SGSN/GGSN, MME-MPG-SSR...) in accordance with the NGN architecture and transmission networks (IP, IP-MPLS, WDM, GBE...), and offers specialist Network engineering, Integration, Testing, Validation, Optimization, Operations, and Roll-Out services. Our network competence also enables us to offer integrated Operations&Assurance services, as we can establish, collect and analyse specialist quality performance indicators (KPI/QPI) to interact with the higher-level OSS on which Exprivia has a competence centre.

In the field of Network Transformation towards the digital networks based on IP technology, Exprivia offers operators the capacity to migrate PSTN networks and users to IP networks (Decommissioning).

The cross-competence-area skills on the various technologies also enable Exprivia to make a "Vendor Independent" offer (maintaining the know-how on the technologies of the main Vendors such as Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, Cisco ...) and to create new service activities in extremely short times, guaranteeing the flexibility that the customer needs to reduce his Time to Market. In addition to the network specialists, Exprivia offers teams complete with all the professional figures (PMs, Architects, Testers, Support Engineers, Quality Assurance, etc.) to define, organize and manage End-To-End (E2E) services so as to streamline the customer's internal processes and reduce the TCO, in conformance with the economic constraints imposed.

Looking towards the future, Exprivia aligns its network competencies with the new virtualization paradigms (SDN and NFV) on the basis of its ten years of experience gained on virtualization and software skills. Telco over Cloud, IOT and M2M complete our vision of the future of networks.