Digital Transformation

Modernise to grow

Implementing the right technologies is not enough.
How and why it is necessary to redesign processes and expand visions.

Digital Transformation

The experts warn: the vision that makes it possible to seize advantages and opportunities that were not there yesterday is at the heart of Digital Transformation (DX). Design your company's DX Journey map, re-engineering processes and systems to become an intelligent, technologically harmonised, highly integrated enterprise, and above all, open to the continuous innovations that enhance hardware, software and security development. Exprivia will guide you through enabling technologies and the keys to a successful Digital Transformation. Below, you can read about projects successfully implemented with our customers.

Case history
Artificial Intelligence - Digital Transformation BPPB improves processes and services, from the back office to the front office

To interpret the Bank's vision in terms of business scenarios

Data Governance Initiatives - Cyber Risk Management and Mitigation - Hyperautomation Have you ever thought
that a simple addition
could solve all your problems?

Solutions + Services = Exprivia creates your Digital Trasformation

Case history
Telemedicine services arrive in open banking

Banca Popolare of Sondrio, in conjunction with Exprivia and AreaMedical24, is expanding its services with a smart and effective approach to customer health

Case history
Acquedotto Pugliese: what is the key to successful Utilities?

From the online helpdesk to the 'FACILE 2.0' app, digital transformation is improving services for one million customers.

Case history
Consip SGI Framework Agreement:
Digital Healthcare

From electronic medical records to complete digital transformation of the Italian National Health Service administrations.

Case history
Acquedotto Pugliese is remotely improving the water infrastructure for over 4 million Italians by migrating to SAP S/4HANA

This digital transformation project involving Exprivia, in collaboration with the SNP Group, affects about 30% of the population of Southern Italy

Case history
Artificial Intelligence Public Administration is more efficient with Service Digitalisation

Introducing the Virtual helpdesk for Italian City Councils

Master Italy implements SAP S/4HANA: introducing a digital solution that ensures rapid and accurate data

A monitoring system for integrated company processes

Digital Transformation with SAP S/4HANA and Exprivia

The first integrated platform for managing an entire business