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Information technology revolutionises the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector

Technology and financial technique, the binomial of the future Agile. Secure. Technological. Finance.

The world of credit and finance is a complex one that arouses enthusiasm and fascination; however, it is not without its risks. Therefore, it is vital for every institution working within a rapidly evolving sector to have a partner like Exprivia to rely on for IT support.

Exprivia Threat Intelligence Infographics China 2023

Request free of charge the Exprivia Report that compiles the Cybersecurity data collected by its Observatory on attacks, incidents and privacy breaches in China.

Digital Factoring: Banco BPM choose Exprivia’s solution

Banco BPM Group integrates Exprivia's proprietary platform into its IT system , making factoring easier, faster and safer for businesses.
Italy's third largest banking group relies on Exprivia's 20 years of experience as a partner in this field.

Exprivia Threat Intelligence Infographics Canada 3Q2023

Request free of charge the Exprivia Report that compiles the Cybersecurity data collected by its Observatory on attacks, incidents and privacy breaches in Canada.

Case history
Artificial Intelligence - Digital Transformation BPPB improves processes and services, from the back office to the front office

To interpret the Bank's vision in terms of business scenarios

Case history
Telemedicine services arrive in open banking

Banca Popolare of Sondrio, in conjunction with Exprivia and AreaMedical24, is expanding its services with a smart and effective approach to customer health

Data Governance Initiatives - Cyber Risk Management and Mitigation - Hyperautomation Have you ever thought
that a simple addition
could solve all your problems?

Solutions + Services = Exprivia creates your Digital Trasformation

Capital Market Technology at the service of finance
The financial market is an ever changing sector and requires companies to constantly revise their business models. We offer maintenance and evolution services for financial product life cycle management platforms and systems.
EXPERTISE CyberSecurity

Optimising investments
to reduce overall risk

The solution in a single platform for all processes Digital processes for the evolution of credit risk management
Exprivia’s proprietary platform offers a strong, flexible workflow engine with a series of applications dedicated to collecting, archiving and consulting all data used in credit management and contacting information providers to support the various phases of...
IT, BPO and consulting:
efficient and reliable factoring
Exprivia offers factoring companies a full outsourcing service for their information systems, operating, management, administrative and accounting services and specialised consulting on the evolution of laws, regulations and standards as well as administrative and tax issues relating to the sector.
In the register of success with Exprivia
The factoring software package developed by Exprivia is fully integrated and covers every function, from the management of databases to anti-money laundering, financial statement processing, Bank of Italy supervisory reporting, assignor/debtor file management, funding management and general accounting.
Multi-channelling and Customer Experience Handly & Friendly.
Multi-channel loyalty.
The transition to a fully digital reality must be planned especially in terms of relationships with customers. From this perspective, a strategic element for the customer-centric bank is multi-channel services.
Insurance. The digital company.
Exprivia works alongside insurance companies to reduce management costs while increasing service quality. Its strategy is to optimise internal and external processes, speed up customer interactions and phase out the use of paper documents by implementing digital signatures, including in mobility.
PFM, financial planning for users
The Personal Financial Manager integrated with Internet-mobile banking.