Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that sustainability is an essential value for the company, for its stakeholders and for future generations, which consists of respect for individuals, the environment and society as a whole.


We are committed to reducing the environmental impacts and ecological footprint of our activities by promoting sustainable business development and environmental protection, implementing eco-friendly policies and behaviours


The well-being of people is very important to us, we strive to ensure a safe, inclusive, dynamic and rewarding work environment that promotes the professional and personal integration and growth of all employees and that combats all forms of discrimination


We firmly believe that positive business management should be inspired by good practices and ethical principles, allowing our activities to comply with international legislation, standards and guidelines applicable to the ICT sector

2023 Consolidated Non-Financial Disclosure

We will tell you how we have made environmental and social sustainability the pillars of our Group's business: our commitment to operating sustainably, minimising our environmental impact, making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate and ensuring the well-being of people