Optimising investments
to reduce overall risk

In a world surrounded by interconnected smart devices, where data is the real fuel that drives innovation and where the new technologies often outcompete the ability to govern them, security is becoming a factor of intrinsic importance.

CyberSecurity Security, Strategy
and Technology

Reduce the risk of an attack and limit the damage of a security incident.

Case history
Automotive: technology labelled Exprivia for vehicle Cybersecurity

The ICT Group provides an artificial intelligence platform on cybersecurity to combat IT attacks on vehicles and safeguard passengers.
First application to the Vehicle-SOC for Macnil GT Alarm.

INDUSTRIES Banking, Finance & Insurance

We help financial institutions take into account the expectations of every customer

CyberSecurity E-TAR, Exprivia Threat Awareness Range

we simulate attack scenarios to define the following strategies opposition

CyberSecurity CyberSecurity course catalogue

Better awareness and ability to reduce the risk of a CyberSecurity incident and to limit the resulting damage

CyberSecurity Threat calculator:
protecting oneself, better

Do you know your weak points?
Do you know how to protect yourself?

Exprivia achieves CyberSecurity Made in Europe Certification
CyberSecurity Exprivia CyberSecurity Academy

Training course and areas of specialisation

CyberSecurity CyberSecurity Channel for Growth Program

We create a network of professionals ready to act in synergy with Exprivia CyberSecurity technologies and specialists

CyberSecurity Vulnerability Assessment,Vulnerability Management and Penetration Test
Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity: how to obtain context awareness

Andrea Pazienza, Exprivia Innovation Specialist

Best practices for Security Information Centres (SOCs)

IBM and Exprivia Webinar


In 2018 the European Commission, through the H2020 programme, launched a call with the aim of gathering specific specialist expertise, organising and co-funding four pilot projects aimed at bringing together and sharing inter-sector knowledge in order to develop a common European Cyber Security strategy.

The General Data Protection Regulation

How to transform the obligation to respect the GDPR into a growth opportunity for your organization

CyberSecurity Retail 4.0: when sales are online, IT security becomes a priority

Domenico Raguseo Head of Digital Factory CyberSecurity Exprivia