We are innovating the world of energy by combining utility with awareness

Exprivia works alongside companies in the energy, water, environmental and public utility sectors on the basis of a sustainable business growth strategy.

 CASE HISTORY Energy & Utilities

A Strategic Partnership with AWS and Exprivia to Enhance Kubernetes and Apache Kafka Management

Enel X:
Optimization of Infrastructure
with AWS Managed Services

 CASE HISTORY Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing & Distribution, SAP, Digital Trasformation

Società Gasdotti Italia with Exprivia and SAP S/4HANA

Don't call it migration!

 CASE HISTORY Energy & Utilities, Cloud, Mobile

A web application available to Enel for managing the national electricity grid

Unified Cartographic Panel: when planning efficiency meets power grid service

Energy is renewed in the private and public sector with the digital transformation Energy innovation

Through the introduction of innovative processes and services, Exprivia provides added value to all utilities that intend to win market challenges.

Automatic Failure Detection:
we have a VISION for your company

Predictive Maintenance
Aerial Imagery and Artificial Intelligence serving a virtual inspection platform for the infrastructure network, fostering sustainable Digital Transformation.

Robotic Process Automation & Hyperautomation

A unique proposition on the market.

Customer Data Hub solutions

Today’s companies operate in a setting that is digital, globalized and interconnected but also extremely complex, because there is a huge volume of fragmented information and the decision-making processes are often intricate.

What does it mean? eProcurement

• Activities automation
• Improvement of purchase flows
• Outgoings control

Identity Lifecycle Management and Social Authentication

Security, regulatory compliance and social integration in the Identity Management process.

Immersive Marketing: Technologies and Experiences

Discover the Exprivia technologies for Immersive Marketing with augmented reality and interactive banners.

Exprivia Energy & Utilities Offering competence

Production processes

Distribution processes

Marketing processes

Solutions for Public Utility services
The Exprivia offer for Energy&Utilities is vast and diversified and supports, with innovative solutions, the processes of companies...