We are innovating the world of energy by combining utility with awareness

Exprivia works alongside companies in the energy, water, environmental and public utility sectors on the basis of a sustainable business growth strategy.

 CASE HISTORY Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing & Distribution, SAP, Digital Trasformation

Società Gasdotti Italia with Exprivia and SAP S/4HANA

Don't call it migration!

 CASE HISTORY Energy & Utilities, Cloud, Mobile

A web application available to Enel for managing the national electricity grid

Unified Cartographic Panel: when planning efficiency meets power grid service

 CASE HISTORY Energy & Utilities, Cloud

Enel X Way: E-mobility platform based entirely on microservices and containers deployed on the AWS Cloud

An integrated cloud-native solution able to manage the entire electric charging process and interoperability with third parties

Energy is renewed in the private and public sector with the digital transformation Energy innovation

Through the introduction of innovative processes and services, Exprivia provides added value to all utilities that intend to win market challenges.

Automatic Failure Detection:
we have a VISION for your company

Predictive Maintenance
Aerial Imagery and Artificial Intelligence serving a virtual inspection platform for the infrastructure network, fostering sustainable Digital Transformation.

Case history
Società Gasdotti Italia with Exprivia and SAP S/4HANA Don’t call it migration!

40 years of digital business process transformation projects with a comprehensive, cross-industry vision of activities and solutions

Case history
A web application available to Enel for managing the national electricity grid Unified Cartographic Panel: when planning efficiency meets power grid service

Thanks to applications designed for smartphones technicians are able to view maps, changes made by colleagues and above all know the characteristics of the network, knowing exactly the point on which to take action

Case history
Acquedotto Pugliese is remotely improving the water infrastructure

For over 4 million Italians by migrating to SAP S/4HANA

Case history
From the online helpdesk to the 'FACILE 2.0' app, digital transformation is improving services for one million customers. Acquedotto Pugliese: what is the key to successful Utilities?

Robotic Process Automation & Hyperautomation

A unique proposition on the market.

Exprivia wins the tender for the expansion, development and management of acquirente unico spa's information system

The order is worth over 9 million euro and involves the supply of equipment and support and maintenance services until 2025.

What does it mean? eProcurement

• Activities automation
• Improvement of purchase flows
• Outgoings control

Case history
Automating the conceptual design of photovoltaic systems: now a reality for Enel Green Power

A platform with micro-services architecture has been created, in line with the indications of the Scrum-AGILE methodology

ITALY IN CLASS A National energy efficiency campaign

The Exprivia Group is selected as Opinion Leader in the energy efficiency campaign

Customer Data Hub solutions

Today’s companies operate in a setting that is digital, globalized and interconnected but also extremely complex, because there is a huge volume of fragmented information and the decision-making processes are often intricate.

Identity Lifecycle Management and Social Authentication

Security, regulatory compliance and social integration in the Identity Management process.

Immersive Marketing: Technologies and Experiences

Discover the Exprivia technologies for Immersive Marketing with augmented reality and interactive banners.

Exprivia Energy & Utilities Offering competence

Production processes

Distribution processes

Marketing processes

Solutions for Public Utility services
The Exprivia offer for Energy&Utilities is vast and diversified and supports, with innovative solutions, the processes of companies...
Case history
Digital customer care and loyalty

Exprivia's customer is an Italian company that sells electricity and natural gas, and belongs to one of the largest electricity production and distribution groups in Italy.

Case history
Enel Energia. Front Office Service.

Inbound calls as a source of commercial redemption and perceived quality.

Case history
Digital Marketing. A platform for increasing the Gas & Electricity business.
The customer expressed the need for a new Gas&Electricity retail portal conforming to a new digital evolution strategy aimed at winning customer loyalty and broadening the customer base.
Case history
Monitoring of fugitive emissions
This experience concerns collaboration with a company belonging to a world-leading group in the oil&gas sector, operating in the primary chemistry, petrochemistry and plastics sectors.
Case history
Technology at the service of integrated information flow management
The project that involved Exprivia concerns the production of an information system aimed at the centralized management of information flows for the electricity and gas markets in order to ensure impartial management and the lack of discrimination between operators.