Immersive Marketing

Immersive marketing involves the consumer with a multichannel approach, distributing customised contents during the entire customer journey. The purpose of immersive marketing campaigns and applied technologies is to involve the user in a unique experience, by entering his or her life style, transforming the brand or product into a cult element.

Immersive marketing with augmented reality
Augmented reality is an interactive graphics system used to regulate a flow of live video images, modifying reality by adding virtual contents and animations in real time.
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Immersive marketing involves the user in an experience that merges elements of the surrounding environment with personalised digital content inspired by their customer journey and purchase needs.

Due to its surprising interaction capabilities, augmented reality is used above all to enhance the value of products and services through animation of marketing tools or the use of “interactive kiosks” in which the customer can be involved in immersive experiences that make it fun to find out about brands and products.
The innovative solutions offered by Exprivia allow the launch of augmented reality applications on the web and through mobile phones and mobile devices equipped with a webcam, which also become tools for obtaining information in real time and exploiting augmented reality within easy reach!
Augmented reality enables today’s companies to use new immersive marketing tools to increase the sales channels and customer engagement through a more personalized and innovative customer journey.
Some examples of application include:

  • New digital touch points for exploring new models for contact with their customers;
  • New sales and lead generation models by exploiting the physical environmental and digital ecosystem in which customers are immersed in their everyday life.
Immersive marketing with Exprivia solutions

On the basis of its long experience in virtual reality and augmented reality, Exprivia has produced immersive marketing solutions that enable it to take part in the customer journey of its clients in order to make a product or service an integral part of their everyday life. This is done by strengthening some traditional marketing tools using augmented reality technologies (e.g. online marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, website) integrating them with new models, such as geomarketing, smart wall and immersive self-care.

The immersive marketing solutions

Using mobile devices and exploiting the augmented reality and 3D rendering solutions and assets, Exprivia has developed a solution capable of creating various scenarios, personalized according to the customer journey of each customer in the various phases.
3D interaction: offers the customer the possibility of interacting with the product through 3D interactive solutions.
Interactive banners: offer the possibility of interacting with promotional banners in a customized manner, setting their contents.
Smart mail: augmented reality or 3D rendering solutions that enable the customer to investigate subjects of interest for the product/service in question set alongside traditional email marketing experiences.
Geolocalised customer service points(using beacon-based technologies integrated with mobile solutions): inform customers of the presence in the immediate vicinity of customer information points or technical assistance centres that can provide information about a product/service in which they have shown interest.
Smart wall: by setting up smart billboards, e-commerce scenarios capable of intercepting those customers who, within their customer journey, are in the sales/booking phase.
Touch point: by taking the opportunities presented by augmented reality technologies, the customer experience in self-care can be enriched by putting at their disposal a series of immediate and user-friendly digital touch points that can be used to carry out processes normally only activated along the traditional contact channels (telephone, customer service points). All this happens through interaction with a physical component of everyday.