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We reduce the complexity of networks to make connections more agile

More software, less hardware: the world of telecommunications is looking for innovative solutions that are, at the same time, less costly to manage. Operators in the sector are increasingly oriented towards excellence in customer satisfaction, an objective to be pursued through continual improvements in the quality perceived by users of the services. Exprivia accepts this challenge by offering innovative services and solutions for telecommunications, a market influenced by continuous technological evolutions.

 CASE HISTORY Telco & Media

Optimising the management of provisioning flows for a major telecommunications operator in Italy and worldwide

The IMS gateway that simplifies business

 CASE HISTORY Telco & Media, Mobile

Un operatore globale di comunicazione B2B

The user at the centre of business

 CASE HISTORY Telco & Media

Use case by Vodafone in collaboration with Exprivia and Humanitas

5G trial in Milan: systems for medical analysis and remote consultation

Digital transformation with virtualization

In telecommunications, technology is not simply a support but the core of business. An essential condition at a time when all the operators are trying to minimize their operating costs but, at the same time, to increase customer satisfaction.

White Paper
Telco & Media The future of 5G for business with Exprivia and Cradlepoint

Download the ebook IoT and 5G: the shift in the Smart Factory paradigm

CryptoVox. Non-vulnerable security in telecommunications.

Over the past few years, the use of the VoIP protocol for voice transmission in communications, not only telephony, has gradually become more widespread.

Extravox. Talking and listening, more and better.

The market of mobile VoIP applications is crowded with scores of VOIP clients. Extravox distinguishes itself from these for its capacity to break the Mobile VoIP paradigm down into technical features that, when appropriately combined and integrated, give rise to business benefits.

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for the evolution towards virtualized networks

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Network Optimization & Transformation

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Carrier grade solution development