5G trial in Milan: systems for medical analysis and remote consultation

Use case by Vodafone in collaboration with Exprivia and Humanitas

During the “5G Healthcare - Vodafone Conference & Experience Day”, an event dedicated to the future of Health and Wellness in the context of 5G Experimentation, Vodafone presented their approach to systems for use in medical analysis and remote consulting, created in collaboration with Exprivia and Humanitas.

This collaboration resulted in the creation of a management and teleconsultation system devised for use in the field of radiology which allows technicians and medical specialists to collaborate remotely during and after radiological examinations.

Radiology technicians and doctors will be able to consult each other using real-time data sharing and high-resolution DICOM radiological images (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine), using ad hoc displays to highlight relevant elements or to provide specific indications based directly upon the results of the examinations performed. Furthermore, one particularly cutting-edge feature is the ability of the doctor to view the console screen of the radiological machine remotely, as well as CT or MRI scans, and to observe the execution of the examination protocols and examine the first scans taken in real time.

In this context, 5G is the technological platform which would not only allow for the transmission and sharing of high-resolution DICOM videos and images while on the move and in minimal time, but it would also guarantee security in the management of this sensitive data.

The implementation of this solution provides a number of important benefits, such as the capacity to view radiological data while on the move, the ability to make more accurate diagnoses, and an optimization of these services in terms of cost and delivery time.

Currently in use at Humanitas, this solution allows for interactive communications between doctors and radiologists at the two locations of Rozzano and Pio X.