Understanding, planning and resolving: the healthcare environment has found its ideal partner
e4cure, simply a system
e4cure originates from a design architecture that creates the strictly technological one. Not a set of applications but a management structure elaborated having fully understood the complex and fluid nature of the healthcare environment.
AWS User Group Bari - re:Invent 2019 Recap
17 Febbraio 2020, Molfetta
Innovation, technologies and skills 4.0 at the A&T fair
12-14 February 2020, Turin
SAP S/4HANA and 2025: assessment as a key to a successful conversion
Redazione Exprivia | Italtel
Exprivia and Italtel: Increasing potential through synergies
Innovation projects
We develop revolutionary solutions in new application areas working synergistically in projects co-financed by the European Union.
Are you looking for your path?
Are you looking for the path to best apply your capabilities, gain new experience and improve compared to your peers who have the same level of enthusiasm and the same desire to grow? You have probably found it.
Press releases
Italtel: the Shareholders' meeting resolves to update to a new date
14 February 2020
Travelling in space with satExplorer
The platform satExplorer developed by Exprivia|Italtel that lets users fully witness outerspace with the Sun, Earth, Moon and the entire night sky. Users benefit from a virtual lecture given by industry experts who travel around the satellite together with participants, analyse it and inspect its interior in order to obtain additional information such as textual descriptions, pictures or videos.
With satExplorer each user has a collaborative virtual experience in a 3D environment, and the presence of a tutor transforms the experience into a lesson in virtual space, all conveniently from home.
The revolution without frontiers
Exprivia-Italtel digitises images and reports of the welfare providers for Mexican state employees.
From the General Plan to the system: edotto
The regional healthcare specialist
The regional health service of Puglia has responded to the rapidly evolving national scenario with its Electronic Healthcare Plan. The new information strategy, which follows on from the investments made previously, has separated the regional setting from the Local Health Authority setting, inaugurating the horizontal coordination of all services and systems through N-SISR, the New Regional Healthcare Information System, better known as Edotto.
We continue to raise our competences to promote projects of excellence
In the Space systems and applications market we develop synergies to identify new application domains, laying the groundwork for the development of key design solutions, also for different industrial sectors.

A new M.U.S.I.C.A. in town
The urban control centre created by Exprivia for urban efficiency.
Identity Lifecycle Management and Social Authentication
Security, regulatory compliance and social integration in the Identity Management process.
Immersive Marketing: Technologies and Experiences
Discover the Exprivia technologies for Immersive Marketing with augmented reality and interactive banners.
Banking, Finance & Insurance
We help financial institutions take into account the expectations of every customer
Information technology revolutionises the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector
Customer Data Hub solutions
Today’s companies operate in a setting that is digital, globalized and interconnected but also extremely complex, because there is a huge volume of fragmented information and the decision-making processes are often intricate.
One solution for different market needs
Food, Industrial Machinery & Components, Retail: some examples of what SAP S/4HANA can do for different business sectors.
Exprivia SAP Gold Partner
More digital efficiency, superior company efficacy, greater market presence
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