Digital Transformation with SAP S/4HANA and Exprivia
We support companies towards their complete digital transformation thanks to the SAP S/4HANA platform.
Aid to banks for the challenges of the PSD 2 directive from Exprivia and PSD
Digital Future - From healthcare 4.0 to predictive maintenance, the opportunities created by the Internet of Things and Big Data
19 November 2019, Bari Chamber of Commerce
Let's talk about Artificial Intelligence at the C1A0 Expo 2019
15-16 November 2019, Genoa
Bari, Petruzzelli Theater, from October 20th to December 22th 201
Exprivia supports "Lezioni di Storia"
Learn the history of our country through the stories of some great female figures and, in the end, through the collective biography of the women's movement which, after the Sixties, innervated the great civil battles over divorce, abortion and family law.
Exprivia and Italtel: Increasing potential through synergies
Innovation projects
We develop revolutionary solutions in new application areas working synergistically in projects co-financed by the European Union.
Are you looking for your path?
Are you looking for the path to best apply your capabilities, gain new experience and improve compared to your peers who have the same level of enthusiasm and the same desire to grow? You have probably found it.
Press releases
Exprivia approves the half-year Financial Report at 30 June 2019 and announces the revision of estimates for 2019
Italian version
Travelling in space with satExplorer
The platform satExplorer developed by Exprivia|Italtel that lets users fully witness outerspace with the Sun, Earth, Moon and the entire night sky. Users benefit from a virtual lecture given by industry experts who travel around the satellite together with participants, analyse it and inspect its interior in order to obtain additional information such as textual descriptions, pictures or videos.
With satExplorer each user has a collaborative virtual experience in a 3D environment, and the presence of a tutor transforms the experience into a lesson in virtual space, all conveniently from home.
Understanding, planning and resolving: the healthcare environment has found its ideal partner
e4cure, simply a system
e4cure originates from a design architecture that creates the strictly technological one. Not a set of applications but a management structure elaborated having fully understood the complex and fluid nature of the healthcare environment. A system designed to be flexible and continually updated with a view to obtaining excellent results.
From the General Plan to the system: edotto
The regional healthcare specialist
The regional health service of Puglia has responded to the rapidly evolving national scenario with its Electronic Healthcare Plan. The new information strategy, which follows on from the investments made previously, has separated the regional setting from the Local Health Authority setting, inaugurating the horizontal coordination of all services and systems through N-SISR, the New Regional Healthcare Information System, better known as Edotto.
Consip SGI Framework Agreement:
Digital Healthcare
From electronic medical records to complete digital transformation of the Italian National Health Service administrations.
From military applications to daily civilian transfer activitie
In the sea and the sky
the IT that defends safety
In the Homeland Protection sector, Exprivia has developed in-depth knowledge of large defence systems through collaboration with the largest Italian company in the sector, acquiring considerable know how in the field of electronics for land and sea defence, in safety and information protection systems, the management and control of air and airport traffic, marine, port and coastal supervision.
IT Security
Security, Strategy and Technology
Hacking and cyber spying evolve in line with the ever-increasing broad band made available by technology, processing resources, mobile devices, etc. Exprivia works for the security of the company (and its customers) with flexible deliveries that range from consulting, integration and management of dedicated services through operations centres to meet the customer's security needs on a strategic, technological and operational level.
In the register of success with Exprivia
The factoring software package developed by Exprivia is fully integrated and covers every function, from the management of databases to anti-money laundering, financial statement processing, Bank of Italy supervisory reporting, assignor/debtor file management, funding management and general accounting.
Capital Market
Technology at the service of finance
We offer maintenance and evolution services for financial product life cycle management systems. We perform market platform implementation, migration and upgrading projects, and we develop custom solutions, possibly integrating evolved technologies to improve the vision and functioning of trading rooms.
Mobile Health
The possibilities of interaction with the smartphone have given new impetus to the search for new applications associated with the healthcare chain: support for the monitoring of clinical parameters, control of the use of treatment prescriptions, management of diets and eating habits, solutions for physical recovery and wellness in the broadest sense plus smartphone applications for managing domiciliary care and the main health information.
ANAS Intranet
A new model
of internal information
The Exprivia project for ANAS’s new intranet system takes the lead from a webmagazine concept: the new intranet is designed to be easy to use, light, interesting and useful, almost like the newspaper that employees read every morning to learn about news concerning the company, obtain information about their relationship with ANAS and access work tools.
Puglia Digitale 2.0
A growing region
A region is not only a geographical distinction: it is an economic, cultural and social fabric to be looked at as a modern community in constant evolution, in which businesses, the public administration and the individual user can benefit from advantages while working towards the shared goal of growth.
The Greater District project
IT cuts queues and supports business
Digital Transformation is on the Cloud
Bring your business into the future of ERP software
The roll out of Fameccanica in China, USA and Brazil
The world leader in the production of industrial lines for disposable products uses Exprivia’s services.
Exprivia SAP Gold Partner
More digital efficiency, superior company efficacy, greater market presence
Support Center
CryptoVox.Non-vulnerable security in telecommunications.
Over the past few years, the use of the VoIP protocol for voice transmission in communications, not only telephony, has gradually become more widespread.
Extravox. Talking and listening, more and better.
The market of mobile VoIP applications is crowded with scores of VOIP clients. Extravox distinguishes itself from these for its capacity to break the Mobile VoIP paradigm down into technical features that, when appropriately combined and integrated, give rise to business benefits.
Big Data for security
The core of the system is the security of the data above it. The Exprivia Big Data technologies enable early identification of potentially fraudulent or risky behaviour by correlating weak signals coming from multiple, heterogeneous sources (logs, transactions, social media etc.).
Case History
T-Frutta, the app
that plays with business
The T-Frutta app is based on the concept of applying game technology to daily activities.
Monitoring of fugitive emissions
This experience concerns collaboration with a company belonging to a world-leading group in the oil&gas sector, operating in the primary chemistry, petrochemistry and plastics sectors.
Digital Marketing. A platform for increasing the Gas & Electricity business.

The customer expressed the need for a new Gas&Electricity retail portal conforming to a new digital evolution strategy aimed at winning customer loyalty and broadening the customer base.

Digital customer care and loyalty
Exprivia's customer is an Italian company that sells electricity and natural gas, and belongs to one of the largest electricity production and distribution groups in Italy.
Case Study
Enel Energia.
Front Office Service.
Inbound calls as a source of commercial redemption and perceived quality.

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