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We are working towards a healthcare system that no longer asks patients to be patient

Managing health is more than simply controlling healthcare expenditure. The operators in this sector have been saying this for years. Relations between the regional government, the healthcare facilities and the users must be improved by adopting technological innovations.

 CASE HISTORY Banking, Finance & Insurance, Healthcare

Telemedicine services arrive in open banking

 CASE HISTORY Healthcare, Public Sector, SAP, Digital Trasformation

The public health system of the Campania Region adopts the SIAC

A single Administrative Accounting Information System based on the SAP ERP platform

 CASE HISTORY Healthcare, Public Sector, SAP

The Region of Campania has adopted SIAC.
A single Administrative Accounting Information System based on the SAP ERP platform

Exprivia, the technological strategy for public health and its administration Health, Safety and Simplicity.
SOLUTIONS Hospital and Clinical Systems

Understanding, planning and resolving: the healthcare environment has found its ideal partner 

e4cure, simply a system 
Simple and economical continuity of care

SOLUTIONS Telemedicine

La The solution for the new Digital Healthcare

eLifeCare, telemedicine for the doctor-patient relationship
A platform for the constant management of the patient at home, reducing National Health Service costs, saving time for all health operators and improving the patient's quality of life

SOLUTIONS The regional healthcare specialist

From the General Plan to the system

The regional healthcare specialist
The regional health service of Puglia has responded to the rapidly evolving national scenario with its Electronic Healthcare Plan. The new information strategy, which follows on from the investments made previously, has separated the regional setting from the Local Health Authority setting, inaugurating the horizontal coordination of all services and systems through N-SISR, the New Regional Healthcare Information System, better known as Edotto.

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Case history
Banca Popolare di Sondrio enriches its services with a smart and effective approach to customer health. Telemedicine services arrive in open banking

Banca Popolare of Sondrio, in conjunction with Exprivia and AreaMedical24, is expanding its services with a smart and effective approach to customer health

What does it mean? eProcurement

• Activities automation
• Improvement of purchase flows
• Outgoings control

Case study
Innovation Lab Healthcare Innovation Projects

We develop revolutionary solutions in new application areas working synergistically in projects co-financed by the European Union.

Research Projects Ensemble Learning strategies for Assisted Diagnostics in Neuroscience

Download the Paper published in the international science journal MDPI Electronics

Research Project Context Awareness through On Edge Remote Patient Monitoring

Consult the Paper published in the proceedings of the international AIxIA 2020 – Advances in Artificial Intelligence conference

Research Projects Data Science for the study of Alzheimer's disease: patterns hidden in structural connectivity

Neuroscience, equipped with the tools of Data Science and AI, today plays a fundamental role, particularly in research on Alzheimer's disease, the most widespread and disabling neurodegenerative disease for which, to date, there is no cure. A great challenge is that of early diagnosis, which represents an important goal in the perspective of testing new drugs.

Download the Paper delivered through the collaboration between Exprivia and the Universidad de Zaragoza.

Case history
Exprivia digitises images and reports of the welfare providers for Mexican state employees The revolution without frontiers

Case history
Consip SGI Framework Agreement:
Digital Healthcare

From electronic medical records to complete digital transformation of the Italian National Health Service administrations.

Case history
The Exprivia technology to book and pay visits directly in pharmacies Health at the patient’s fingertips

Sometimes improving a service simply means making it accessible: thanks to the Exprivia technology, in the Bari metropolitan area it is possible to book specialist visits and make co-payments directly in pharmacies.

Take advantage of our international expertise for your digital transformation

Entering a new market always represents a great opportunity. It is therefore crucial to be able to rely on a partner with the experience you need to support your internationalisation strategies.

Case study
5G trial in Milan: systems for medical analysis and remote consultation

Use case by Vodafone in collaboration with Exprivia | Italtel and Humanitas

Case history
Local Health Authority (LHA) of Asti. Innovation and sentiment.

The case of the LHA of Asti represents another delicate and potentially critical process: the transition from one system to another in an organization whose service must never be interrupted.

Case history
The case of the ULSS 17 local health unit of Monselice Zero paper, zero film and 2,000,000 services a year

The case of the ULSS 17 local health unit of Monselice is an example of innovation in progress. The health authority – four hospitals with 409 ordinary beds and 50 day beds, 350 reporting doctors and 375,000 diagnostic services a year – has projected its approach towards digitization in time.

Case history
GVM and Exprivia The quality strategy

The case of the Villa Maria Care & Research Group is an example of the choice of digital technology with no compromise to which Exprivia responded by providing easy to handle, innovative solutions.