Edotto, the regional healthcare specialist

The regional health service of Puglia has responded to the rapidly evolving national scenario with its Electronic Healthcare Plan. The new information strategy, which follows on from the investments made previously, has separated the regional setting from the Local Health Authority setting, inaugurating the horizontal coordination of all services and systems through N-SISR, the New Regional Healthcare Information System, better known as Edotto.

Edotto in figures
To illustrate the size of the project, we pointed out that the healthcare system of Puglia consists of over 700 public and private facilities with more than 4 million patients, 50 million pharmaceutical prescriptions, 15 million specialist examination prescriptions and 750,000 hospital admissions per year. The regional council and the competent councillor’s office govern this system through the Regional Health Organizational Domain and the Management System, which coordinates the local domains and N-SISR service centres. A uniform, user-friendly interface enables users to work in different areas with the same operating logic and a single data model for managing all the system’s records in shared databases. The resources involved comprise hundreds of executives, technicians and operators for more than 20,000 users consisting of doctors and internal system staff operating in 32 application areas. An eLearning platform is also available for the training and continuing education of the staff.

Widespread distribution of the system
The widespread distribution of the points of access and the increased number of functions has enabled significant improvements to be made in the public administration processes, thus making monitoring more effective and increasing the reduction in regional healthcare spending.

Health system innovation
The process also consists of the introduction of the SIST information system for general practitioners and paediatricians, which is currently being designed and constructed. Further developments are planned for the Electronic Health Record and other information, accounting and clinical systems concerning all the healthcare facilities.