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Cost reduction and customer base growth with Business Process Outsourcing.

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Inbound calls as a source of commercial redemption and perceived quality

Front Office Service.

Acquiring, managing and retaining customers

Exprivia supports the growth and evolution of prestigious Italian and foreign companies with its extremely high level technology and unique human resources who are capable of understanding customer needs and strategies to offer them the best outsourcing services.

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With the knowledge it has gained working alongside so many important companies, Exprivia supports and sustains company evolution by taking responsibility for the delicate procedures of end user acquisition, management and retention.


The advantages of outsourcing, especially for highly technological services, have been widely demonstrated. The reduction of direct costs and the possibility of focusing on the core business are opportunities that should not be passed up: this is why companies are increasingly evolving towards BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing. In this arrangement, it is an entire company process, and not just a single activity, that is entrusted to an external supplier. Therefore, it requires specific skills, level strategies and adequate professionals who can understand the needs of the customer company and are ready to be partners in change.

Case study
Inbound calls as a source of commercial redemption and perceived quality Enel Energia. Front Office Service.

Inbound calls as a source of commercial redemption and perceived quality.

IT, BPO and consulting:
efficient and reliable factoring
Exprivia offers factoring companies a full outsourcing service for their information systems, operating, management, administrative and accounting services and specialised consulting on the evolution of laws, regulations and standards as well as administrative and tax issues relating to the sector. Factoring companies can choose the mix of services that is best for them, and focus their energies on more highly strategic activities: the commercial approach to customers, credit risk management and funding.