Exprivia BPO.
Acquiring, managing
and retaining customers.

Exprivia supports the growth and evolution of prestigious Italian and foreign companies with its extremely high level technology and unique human resources who are capable of understanding customer needs and strategies to offer them the best outsourcing services.

From new business to customer care
Outsourced customer portfolio management.
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This service covers a range of business areas with customer service and BPO, technical support and help desk, new customer acquisition, debt collection, social media and social caring.

Customer service and BPO
Customer Care services are handled by operators trained to manage any customer request with the support of cutting-edge technologies and automated management processes. Exprivia’s experience working with large global players in the Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Banking and Insurance, and Telecommunications sectors, as well as Public Administrations, makes it the ideal partner to take over the following processes:

  • Customer Service
  • Complaint Management
  • Billing and administrative services
  • Welcome Calls
  • Inbound cross selling and upselling sales services
  • Anti Churn and Retention
  • Reactivations
  • Advanced caring and super caring

Technical Support and Help Desk
Exprivia offers technical support and help desk services in multiple languages in the areas of desktop management, network equipment and more.

The main activities linked to the technical support service are:

  • Installation/configuration support
  • Trouble Ticketing, Incident and Problem Management
  • First and second level Help Desk
  • Back office management of technical activities for replacements, repairs, etc.
  • Warranty Management

New customer acquisition
Thanks to the quality and professionalism of its inbound and outbound telephone operators, Exprivia is able to offer the best private sector and business target customer acquisition services.

The main activities linked to the new customer acquisition service are:

  • Target List and DB selection;
  • lead generation and SFA appointments;
  • upselling and cross selling sales on the inbound and outbound channels;
  • Service-To-Sale;
  • Vocal orders;
  • Back office services and new contract support.

Debt Collection
Exprivia’s operators know how to best handle even the most delicate situations in the area of credit management.

The main activities linked to the debt collection service are:

  • preliminary assessments of payment delays;
  • identification of reasons for non-payment;
  • risk analyses and classifications;
  • repayment plan proposals;
  • collection method verification and management.

Social Media and Social Caring
Exprivia is an accredited partner to integrate a social experience with the traditional business concept. It makes use of proprietary instruments and tools to collect data from social networks. Exprivia can improve social interaction (reputation) and direct partner company products/services towards the right target.

The main activities linked to the Social Media and Social Caring service are:

  • monitoring with certified instruments recognised by the world of academic research;
  • analysing content and taking corrective actions with new strategic policies in the social sphere;
  • providing consulting on content management, verification and publication;
  • feedback verification (social reputation, product positioning, etc.);
  • integrated management with contact centre services (multi-channelling).