We design systems that make the most complex scenarios simple.

Safety on flights, in land and sea transports, environmental risk monitoring and management, control of operations areas and of digital assets: these are today’s outstanding challenges. The long experience of Exprivia in defence and civilian applications, together with the skills acquired in the aerospace sector, allow the implementation of systems for defence and preparedness where Information Technology is the best means for protecting people and vehicles, both military and civilian.

 CASE HISTORY Aerospace & Defence

An initiative by ASI and ESA

AURORA: test to make safer daybreak in cities starts

 CASE HISTORY Aerospace & Defence

Exprivia won the European tender announced by ECMWF

Visualising the Earth of the future

 CASE HISTORY Aerospace & Defence

Exprivia wins the ESA tender

IRIDE: italian satellite constellation for the most ambitious programme in our space

Situational Awareness: civil safety and digital technology

Safety on flights, land and sea transport,
control of operations areas, vehicles,
and digitized environments: all this
has become fundamentally important
in today’s world.

We continue to raise our competences to promote projects of excellence

In the Space systems and applications market we develop synergies to identify new application domains, laying the groundwork for the development of key design solutions, also for different industrial sectors.

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Exprivia Wins Contract for Operational Management of ESA’s EarthCARE Satellite Payload Data Ground Segment

EarthCARE, whose launch date is scheduled for May 28, 2024, is one of the most advanced satellites in ESA’s Earth Explorer constellation, and its contribution to understanding atmospheric and climatic processes will be crucial in addressing global environmental challenges

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Global warming: Exprivia technology for Copernicus sea level satellite monitoring

After a successful launch in November 2020, the Satellite In-Orbit Verification activities have been concluded. All the ground-based infrastructure and software useful for the study of climate change and weather forecasting are currently being validated, in preparation for the start of routine operations later in December this year.

Control and Safety
in the port area

SlimSAFE is the Exprivia platform for increasing work safety in particularly large, open logistical and industrial areas, such as port areas.

Presentation, HMI and prototyping systems. Advanced and algorithmic graphics and embedded software.

Exprivia possesses important competencies in the development of graphical components, servers and tools used by civil and military systems, including HMI re-engineering systems.

System verification and validation

In the Defence and Aerospace area, Exprivia has important competencies in the Verification and Validation process (software testing for short), where it works in collaboration with university IT departments.

Defending the region also means emergency preparedness

Exprivia accepts the digital transformation challenge so as to simplify the use of complex scenarios made up of georeferenced information coming from the most diverse sources, including sensors in orbit, fixed, mobile or worn by operators.

Cyber Intelligence: strategic decisions and investigational processes

Exprivia has a great deal of experience in developing solutions based on the use of advanced Data & Text Mining and Big Data Analytics methods for supporting strategic decisions, intelligence and investigation activities and, more in general, the processing/correlation of data coming from heterogeneous sources. The current developments are based on Cloudera, Solr, DeepKnowledge and are dedicated to intelligence for command and control systems designed to identify and prevent threats, correlating data coming from various sources (radar, OSINT, weather, reports, staff and vehicle databases, etc.).

From military applications to daily civilian transfer activitie In the sea and the sky
the IT that defends safety

In the Homeland Protection sector, Exprivia has developed in-depth knowledge of large defence systems through collaboration with the largest Italian company in the sector, acquiring considerable know how in the field of electronics for land and sea defence, in safety and information protection systems, the management and control of air and airport traffic, marine, port and coastal supervision.