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Defending the region also means emergency preparedness
Technology is used alongside prevention and qualifies the population as "civil sensors".
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As is well known, in Italy, the monitoring of hydrogeological instability is too often only discussed during emergencies.

The lack of culture on the rules for safeguarding the area has enormous social costs. Just think that, for landslides and floods alone, the total cost of the damages between 1944 and 2012 has been estimated at 61.5 billion euros.

Today, "Italia Sicura", the centralized structure set up by the Government, has the mission of implementing a five-year plan for mitigating the hydrogeological risk.

In this scenario, the development of ICT technologies in the Big Data and IoT sector represents the opportunity to reach situational awareness also in the civil sector, that is, the correct perception of what is happening in the surrounding environment, thus allowing the emergency and prevention decisions to be supported in real time.

Exprivia accepts the digital transformation challenge so as to simplify the use of complex scenarios made up of georeferenced information (images, data, text, voice and sounds) coming from the most diverse sources, including sensors in orbit, fixed, mobile or worn by operators.

The domains on which Exprivia is projected are:

Information Retrieval
The set of tools and techniques used to perform monitoring aimed at retrieving specific information from web sites, blogs, forums, social networks, open-data repositories, enterprise repositories, etc.

Big Data Intelligence
The set of tools and techniques used to file and manage large volumes of information and the possibility of extracting information with a high added value from it through semantic annotation and statistical analysis methods.

Social Collaboration & Social Alerting
The set of tools and techniques that allow social participation in the control of the area and thus give people the new sociotechnological role of civil sensors, providing them with tools that warn them of events taking place in their area.

Operational Picture & Mission Planning
The set of tools and techniques that enable operators to view the information coming from the area and that support the operators in planning and managing the necessary operations.