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Presentation, HMI and prototyping systems.
Advanced and algorithmic graphics and embedded software
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Human intelligence remains at the centre of every process and so the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) is one of the decisive points for correct use of a system. If this relationship is expressed through effective and easily interpretable graphical presentations, continually perfected in the evolutive model based on prototyping and accompanied by embedded software, its use reaches maximum efficacy and efficiency.

Exprivia possesses important competencies in the development of graphical components, servers and tools used by civil and military systems, including HMI re-engineering systems.


Presentation, HMI and prototyping
This profound experience is expressed through solutions already used on the international scene for:

  • high-performance command and control console of land, naval, ATC and weather, military and civilian radar systems; 
  • C2I / C4ISTAR systems, that is, GIS (Web/Desktop) applications with COTS and open source products, high-performance 2D/3D terrain builders (OpenGl/WebGl/DirectX), management of the military and civil symbols based on international standards, definition and development of geographical and electromagnetic visibility algorithms; 
  • libraries and graphic tools for producing geographical maps (e.g. those used for air traffic control); 
  • prototyping and design of complex system monitoring and control consoles. 


Advanced graphical presentation systems
The Exprivia area for developing graphics for divulgation and simulation is at the forefront of image processing systems (feature extraction and pattern recognition), video analysis-optical/thermal camera (object recognition and tracking), immersive virtual reality (commercial headsets and leap motion), augmented reality (mobile through camera applications and HMD systems/hololens), virtual reality theatre (training & simulation, divulgation) COTS and open source 3D engine (terrain builder, games, simulation, etc.).

Algorithms and embedded SW
Exprivia also has consolidated experience in the development of embedded SW for various kinds of applications such as multi-radar tracking and multi-sensor fusion, fault detection/isolation and tolerance, computerized industrial robot control, geo-collaboration for the control of intervention teams coordinated by a mobile app.