Space and Situational Awareness, the intelligent environmental perception

Situational Awareness: civil safety, aerospace and digital technology
Safety on flights, land and sea transport, control of operations areas, vehicles and digitized environments.

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The long experience of Exprivia in defence and civilian applications, together with the skills acquired in the aerospace sector, allow the implementation of systems for defence and preparedness where Information Technology is the best means for protecting people and vehicles, both military and civilian.

The IT support to strategic decisions in critical moments needs Situational Awareness, which is the correct, up-to-date perception of what is happening in operational scenarios. All this is achieved by analyzing complex and heterogeneous data (texts, images, video, audio) coming from a multitude of sensors (fixed, mobile, wearable, airborne, spaceborne).

In particular Exprivia develops systems for Command and Control, surveillance, geospatial presentation, mapping and rapid prototyping of tactical dashboards (terrestrial, naval, aeronautical). These platforms offer the highest interactivity with realistic scenarios, thanks to Augmented Reality, to the wealth of geocoded information and to social collaboration techniques.

Moreover, Exprivia holds now an excellent expertise in the development of Ground Stations for Earth Observation satellites, geospatial data processing systems for management of environmental risks and systems for marine traffic monitoring.