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Inbound calls as a source of commercial redemption and perceived quality.

75% one call resolutions
The Exprivia teams recognised as some of the best EFE partners for the sale of energy efficient products.

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Enel Energia S.p.A. is an Italian company that sells electricity and natural gas, which is a direct subsidiary of Enel, the most important Italian electricity company. The company offer in the free energy market is broken down into three macrosectors: Electricity, Gas and Dual Fuel (a single supply contract for power and gas). Exprivia’s solutions played an integral role in the "toll free" service by means of which Enel Energia considerably improved its relationship with users and its commercial redemptions.

The need
To manage the inbound call channel (toll-free number) accessible by the customer base for any type of request, while optimising as much as possible the work of Enel Energia partners, who play an integral part in the revenue cycle as they convey the products and services dictated by the company’s commercial strategy to the market and contribute to creating the public perception of the quality of Enel Energia.

To streamline procedures for interfacing with customers, train telephone consultants, increase end user contact quality and quantity, optimise contact with one call resolution, adequately promote products and services, incentivise commercial redemption.

The Enel Energia outsourcers share a path of partnership with Enel which focuses first and foremost on the value generated by relationships with the end user. Each telephone consultant receives suitable training and is able to resolve complex issues and promote (value proposition) Enel Energia brand products/services. The key points for the success of this active partnership with Enel are the paradigms of service-to-sale, one call resolution (meeting all customer needs in a single call) and next best action (always providing the right answer, at the right time, to the right customer). The Enel partner gathers feedback on the customer experience and enhances its wealth of information. The collaboration also includes the identification of innovative IT solutions in the field of automation, single view, semantic search engines, analytics engines, and more.

Benefits and results
In 2015 alone, contacts increased by 2.5 million, with 50,000 new contracts acquired. The service level stood stably at 98% and in 96% of the cases response time was within the target values. One call resolution reached 75%, perceived quality exceeded 4.00 (on a scale of 1 to 5) and commercial redemption increased more than 17%. And, in addition to being recognised as some of the best EFE partners for the sale of energy efficient products, the various Exprivia teams were ranked in the TOP TEN of the 2015 Enel Energia Best Team Olympics.