Technological solutions for the healthcare system
Managing health is more than simply controlling healthcare expenditure. The operators in this sector have been saying this for years. Relations between the regional government, the healthcare facilities and the users must be improved by adopting technological innovations.
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Exprivia is the ideal partner for a healthcare system oriented towards an excellent future that combines savings with efficacy and efficiency: its technological solutions for the healthcare system ensure absolute, simple and reliable technological coordination between the regional government and the healthcare provided by local health authorities, hospitals, ARNAS and IRCCS research centres, general and specialized hospitals, and domiciliary care systems.

A team of 350 specialists, 30 years of operation in the IT sector, solutions and services at 500 hospitals for 20 million patients confirm the efficacy of the Exprivia solutions in satisfying the needs of the healthcare sector, of fundamental importance for the economy and development of every region.

Suite of solutions

The Regions with the most efficient health service are those that spend the most but also spend the best, that is, without causing overruns of the regional budgets.

The Exprivia systems connect the entire Regional Healthcare system, from the administrative and management centres to the public and private hospital facilities along the entire supply chain, to the individual professionals and on-line services for users, so as to get the most from every resource.

Exprivia submitted CSA STAR Self-Assessment of e4Cure SaaS.

Quality and risk monitoring

The culture of Quality deep-rooted in the company emerges clearly from several aspects, which include:

  • attention to the customer’s needs;
  • commitment to risk management for the patients’/users’ safety;
  • optimization of the work processes to obtain the desired results;
  • active participation of the company staff in accordance with the organization’s quality criteria;
  • the constantly pursued objective of improving the products, processes and systems.

Exprivia has obtained certification for its Integrated Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard (quality management systems), the CEI UNI EN ISO 13485 standard (quality management systems of medical devices), the UNI CEI ISO/IEC 20000-1 standard (IT service management systems), the CEI UNI ISO/IEC 27001 standard (information management systems) and the ISO 22301 standard (business continuity management systems), and declares conformity with the directive 93/42/EEC of the medical devices for the following products: eArchive, eLifeCare, eRis/eVisit, eViewer, eWard, MedStation are certified Medical Devices (93/42 / EEC), class IIA (NB no. 0476).
The complete list of certified model versions can be obtained by contacting Exprivia.