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A mobile App for viewing information about the services used
With Exprivia Mobile Orchestrator, the connection between the Front End and the customer’s existing systems makes the protocols and data management logic transparent to the end user.
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Our customer is the Italian branch of one of the main global communication operators, which has exclusively business customers.

The needs
In order to keep up with competitors and enrich the functions of its mobile services, the customer expressed the need to have a Mobile App for Android and iOS terminals that enables each user to view information about the services used. In particular, a construction of the functional areas for the user profile was requested, with all the indications on services subscribed to and their usage, the Promotions/Offers that can be activated and the support provided (FAQ, useful links).

The project
After an analysis of the requirements, the solution proposed consisted in developing two separate modules:

1) a Front End in the hands of the end users (Mobile App), produced using hybrid technology and designed for the operating systems Android and iOS;

2) a Back End, through the Exprivia Mobile Orchestrator proprietary solution, which provides a layer of mediation and business logic between the Front End and the customer's existing systems, which contain the information, making the protocols and data management logic transparent to the end user.

The results obtained
In conclusion of the project, the App produced, which enables the user to consult information about his/her profile and the services to which he/she subscribes and to receive updates, was published on the Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) stores.

The solution also enables company communication services managers to check the behaviour of each individual SIM card of their company and to obtain aggregate information on consumptions and costs.

A Campaign Management function has also been implemented to alert users of events, such as special promotions and dedicated commercial offers, through push type notifications.