Non-vulnerable security in telecommunications.

Mobile secure VoIP
On the Android and iOS mobile platform, for secure calls either on mobile and WiFi network
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Over the past few years, the use of the VoIP protocol for voice transmission in communications, not only telephony, has gradually become more widespread.

This scenario is not limited exclusively to landline phone networks but also includes mobile phones both in terms of apps (Skype, Viber, etc.) and mobile network standards (Voice over LTE-VoLTE), which exploit the functional and economic benefits of voice over IP.

However, the use of the Internet exposes VoIP to the a risk of interception for fraudulent purposes.

The signaling and media protocols used in a VoIP call are cleartext (SIP over UDP/TCP and RTP / RTCP). Thus, they can be eavesdropped by anyone technically capable of intercepting the data on the network.

Besides, there is no guarantee of authentication of the communicating parties or the integrity and confidentiality of communication: in other words, it is not possible to be sure of the identity of the other party or that the conversation is not being intercepted.

Thus a cleartext VoIP system is vulnerable to the most common types of attack, such as sniffing, man-in-the-middle, identity theft, identity and tariff fraud and service interruption.

These vulnerabilities are successfully overcome by CryptoVox, the Exprivia solution for mobile secure calls.

The CryptoVox characteristics
The CryptoVox Ecosystem is made up of a mobile app and an orchestration platform.

The mobile app supports Android and iOS and guarantees secure, confidential calls over private and public WiFi and mobile data connections. CryptoVox is evolved from Extravox, the Exprivia solution for mobile VoIP, adding the complete voice encryption management and maintaining the distinctive factors such as clear voice quality, averagely far better than a standard mobile call.

In fact, CryptoVox supports the most efficient and high-performance audio codecs (AMR and G729). CryptoVox is developed using the state-of-the-art algorithms for media encryption most of them recommended by NIST.

The complexity of the encryption is hidden by a seamless and clean User Experience, allowing the end-user to keep interacting with the native interfaces of the smartphone for handling secure calls (phonebook, dialler, call log, etc.). The application is automatically started when a data connection is available. The connection quality is monitored and managed to avoid deterioration in the quality of the call on low-quality networks.

Besides, Multiple VoIP/mobile calls are handled.