Simplifying identity management through social authentication

Identity Lifecycle Management and Social Authentication
The Identity Lifecycle management solution for corporate digital platforms that guarantees high security standards and regulatory compliance, while allowing registration and authentication processes of social channels that enable innovative and personalised marketing and customer-caring strategies.
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The platform also satisfies the unbundling needs that many multinational groups have to manage to guarantee the isolation of data through authentication of the accesses for each company in the group. On the Utilities market (electricity, gas and water suppliers), in particular, the solution ensures compliance with the decisions made by the AEEGSI on unbundling.
The characteristics
  • One click. Simplification of the “customer journey” in the registration and authentication processes.
  • Scalability. Scalable model that supports the growth of the customer base.
  • Standard. Compatibility with the main social authentication standards and the Italian SPID digital identity system.
  • Data enrichment. To make the process user experience uniform between the various channels and simplify the integration of new platforms.
  • User experience. To improve digital security through monitoring of the system and execution of the fraud detection and alert signalling processes.
  • Security. Improve digital security by monitoring systems and executing fraud detection processes, alert and strong authentication functionalities.
  • Consistency. Guarantee of service continuity and consistency through a simple process of migration from the old to the new system.
The distinctive elements

The solution proposed by Exprivia is based on an Identity Management engine determined as having:

  • Standard protocol support;
  • User repository separation;
  • enabling of social login;
  • granularity of access control;
  • open-source licencing model;
  • diffusion on the market.

The Exprivia offer is made up of:

Identity Server
Installation of the Identity Server in high availability mode, set up in such a way as to isolate the databases between companies.

Uncoupling between the Identity Server and the Legacy systems through the Gateway module developed to guarantee their integration. The gataway guarantees compatibility with the main market applications (SAP, SalesForce, etc.), offering the required flexibility to create integration interfaces with legacy or custom applications.

Social login
Integration with the most popular social networks, both public and corporate (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), and with the SPID Public Digital Identity System.

Strengthening through multi-factor authentication based on biometric data, so as to provide users with easier access.

Proactive post-startup service
Analysis of reports and user behaviour profiling, to provide a proactive service.

Fields of application

Digital Communication - Social Login
Used to find the data useful for the predictive analysis and segmentation/targeting phases (Data Enrichment). The available data can be used for reporting, analysis, data-mining, campaign management, next best action and real-time marketing purposes.

Social CRM
Used to improve the customer service and customer experience, by responding to customers’ needs in real time and enabling up-selling and cross-selling functions.

Used to create personal engagement and thus improve the loyalty programs, also through gamification mechanisms.

Logical separation of the data in order to help a multi-client organization to respect the regulations.