Energy is renewed in the private and public sector with the digital transformation

Energy innovation

Digital resources
Through renewable sources and smart networks, the energy market is changing and the value of utilities is rising.

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Through the introduction of innovative processes and services, Exprivia provides added value to all utilities that intend to win market challenges.

In a continually evolving economic setting, the Utilities market is also affected by new challenges and transformations:

  • deregulation, which represents both a challenge and an opportunity for utilities, which must succeed in innovating their processes and solutions; 
  • development and diffusion of renewable sources, which are stimulating the adoption of effective, efficient and streamlined solutions in manufacturing companies; 
  • micro-generation stimulates the creation of new systems to support smart grids;
  • competition on the market obliges companies to change their business models, by adopting customer centricity and digital transformation strategies. 

Exprivia offers a wide range of specific solutions and services for the energy, water and environmental markets and for public utility services, working alongside its customers in their growth and transformation process. Due to its long experience in the Energy&Utilities sector, Exprivia can work alongside its customers with a team specialized in innovative technological solutions (cloud and XaaS, CRM, big-data and business intelligence, digital channel and mobile, Iot, social and e-mobility) and, at the same time, expert in specific vertical market processes (e.g. production, distribution / transport, marketing and sales).