CyberSecurity Channel for Growth Program

We create a network of professionals ready to act in synergy with Exprivia CyberSecurity technologies and specialists

CyberSecurity Channel for Growth Program

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Attackers have an enormous advantage over those who defend themselves. They can decide when to attack and how. To reduce the gap between those who attack and those who defend, cooperation is fundamental to be more effective in an extremely diversified and fragmented market like that of CyberSecurity.


With the Channel for Growth initiative, Exprivia sets itself the goal of creating a network of professionals that have the necessary skills and are ready to act in synergy with Exprivia technologies and specialists.

The Programme

The Partners participating in the programme will identify professionals for whom, following an interview and selection process, a training and tutoring programme will be studied.
Training includes a course catalogue and certifications in CyberSecurity which Exprivia offers through the open badges platform. Other courses, whose costs will be covered by the Partner, may be included in the programme.
The programme envisages a period of tutoring with a specialist in the sector about one of the services which Exprivia offers to implement security controls in line with the NIST Framework .


Participants in the programme are Exprivia Partners.

Example of the Programme
  • Exprivia CyberSecurity Fundamentals
  • Functional analysis of a web app
  • Web app security: Security by design and Secure code
  • OWASP security controls
  • Vulnerability Assessment and remediation
  • Workshop: Vulnerability Management with automatic tools
  • Linux course
  • Network Basics course
  • Workshop: Kali Linux
  • Workshop: MongoDB interfacing
  • Virtualisation systems, hypervisior, VMware suite
  • Workshop: Creating virtual machines, resource management, IT asset monitoring

The training course has a 4 months duration.


Upon completion of the course, participants, in addition to the certifications acquired during the course itself, will be given the Exprivia CyberSecurity Channel Champion.