Automotive: technology labelled Exprivia for vehicle Cybersecurity

The ICT Group provides an artificial intelligence platform on cybersecurity to combat IT attacks on vehicles and safeguard passengers.
First application to the Vehicle-SOC for Macnil GT Alarm.

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Macnil is an IT and telecommunications company founded in Gravina in Puglia (BA), with the mission of creating a Research Project in the Internet of Things with declinations in the fields of Security and Automotive, SmartCity, Health and Electric Mobility.

It starts by developing global technologies in the world of messaging (SMS) and Automotive (Satellite Localisation and Fleet Management), creating important partnerships with Telecom Italia, Poste Italiane, Bari Polytechnic and the University of Bari. During his journey of growth and business development throughout Italy, in 2016, thanks to his ambition and desire to grow, he acquired 100% of GT ALARM in Varese, a historic brand in the world of car, motorbike, camper van and home anti-theft systems. It works in Italy and abroad, manages 50,000 private customers and 20,000 companies, and has 22 distributors throughout Europe. Among its partners, besides TIM and Poste Italiane, it has the main car manufacturers such as Ford, Peugeot, Citroën, Renault Iberia, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Insurance Companies such as the Admiral Group with the Allianz brand and

In 2019, at its headquarters in Gravina in Puglia, Macnil will give life to Vivaio Digitale, a project and physical place created to host StartUp, Microenterprises and SMEs, which will be able to grow and become strong in order to transform into large companies, through Macnil's technological and digital know-how, market experience and network.

A Vehicle-SOC - Security Operations Center for vehicles - to prevent cyber attacks on increasingly digital and connected vehicles. Exprivia, an international Group specialising in Information and Communication Technology, is expanding its services into the automotive sector by making its cybersecurity technology available for the Vehicle-SOC run by Macnil GT Alarm, a manufacturer of IoT systems and satellite burglar alarms located in Gravina in Puglia (BA), at the centre of the Murgia Valley Technopole.

Exprivia provides a

A tool provided with Artificial Intelligence that allows possible threats to vehicle's digital systems to be identified and analysed. This analysis is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It may be the server that the vehicles link up with at risk or the mobile apps to manage the cars remotely, or even the Bluetooth system; Exprivia's consultancy services work on prevention, monitoring and the recognition of system anomalies, and make it possible to take prompt and appropriate action to block an attack on the vehicle. The action may alsoprevent the theft of sensitive data or a third party taking control of the car, thus avoiding accidents.

With the digital revolution that the automotive sector is engaging in, investment in IT security has become a priority. There are a vast number of sensors, actuators and extremely intelligent control units fitted on cars nowadays, often connected by open protocols. They can be considered actual data centres on the go, highly vulnerable and under the threat of attack at any time for different reasons

says Domenico Raguseo, the director of Cybersecurity at Exprivia.

Modern cars will be equipped with increasingly sophisticated technologies, to make the interface between them easier, but also between these technologies and the entire ecosystem that enables the car to work (from the garages to the manufacturing plants, to the suppliers of alarm systems); the need to increase the protections against cyber-threats is clear, if we are to guarantee the efficiency of all on-board systems, and especially safeguard the integrity of those travelling in the vehicle. Raguseo adds:

Even the recent European regulations on new vehicle models are geared towards raising the level of cyber-security with a view to developing sustainable mobility that complies with both technical/administrative and IT standards. 

Exprivia has already set up
at the Group's headquarters in Molfetta. It provides cyber-security services for companies, institutions and the Public Administration: it consists of a team of experts at the disposal of Italian and international companies who are responsible for monitoring any anomalies to the IT systems. Furthermore, thanks to the knowledge of cybersecurity that it has developed, Exprivia has set up a Monitoring Station that publishes a quarterly Report on IT threats in Italy.

States Mario Direnzo, the head of Research&Development at Macnil GT Alarm:

In these times of connected cars, the V-SOC GT ALARMsets a new cyber-physical safety standard for cars and the infrastructure they are connected to. Technology, procedures and expertise are the pillars on which our V-SOC is built, with a view to offering new Detection & Response approaches against remote IT attacks to reduce the risks to the privacy and safety of the driver and to continuity of service.