Threat calculator:
protecting oneself, better

Do you know your weak points?
Do you know how to protect yourself?

Do you know your weak points? Do you know how to protect you?
We can assess your current level of protection and offer you the most effective and efficient solution in terms of costs and risks.

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We can map out the risks and vulnerabilities of your information system accurately and systematically.
The information collected is aimed at developing a strategy to limit your exposure to each and every cyber threat.

The strengths of our approach
  • Non invasive
  • Transparency
  • Customer involvement
  • Personalised solution
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Comprehensiveness
Our range
  • Definition of potential attackers
  • Knowledge of their behaviour
  • Profiling of the measures currently used
  • Ad-hoc solution to achieve maximum protection
Our approach
  • Analysis of past Attacks
  • Verification of implemented security controls
  • Questionnaire to assess the security measures currently being observed
  • Once profiling has been completed, we will show you your present situation using clear and thorough graphs
  • A concrete solution for the highest impact improvements in terms of security 



The Threat Exposure Calculator is an analytic tool capable of providing an assessment in just a few hours of the company's exposure to cyber attacks.

This tool means a global analytical picture of the company's security coverage can be obtained, analysing numerous types of attacks and providing an effective image of its state and suggestions about the risk mitigation measures to be implemented.