ISO 45001 - D. Lgs. n. 81 Health and Safety

Safeguarding of health and safety is of fundamental importance in respecting human rights in relation to key aspects such as protecting people’s physical safety, community relations and respecting principles such as the right to life, health and freedom of expression.

SA 8000 Social Accountability

Human resources are recognised as a fundamental and indispensable factor in the development of any company and consequently of the national social and economic environment.

UNI/PdR 125 Gender Equality

The Gender Equality represents a key element to realize a fair and inclusive working environment, with no barriers to impede equality, where each individual has the same possibilities to fulfill her/his own potential without any sort of discrimination.

Relations with the regions

One of the main challenges facing a multinational group like Exprivia is that of cultivating relations in the countries and regions in which it has important sites in terms of size and history, interacting with a diverse and constantly evolving ecosystem in the knowledge that it has a frontline role to play in the local community.

GDPR Compliance

We transform the world with technology, while respecting the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals and, in particular, the right to protection and free movement of personal data.