Relations with the regions

A frontline role to play in the local community

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One of the main challenges facing a multinational group like Exprivia is that of cultivating relations in the countries and regions in which it has important sites in terms of size and history, interacting with a diverse and constantly evolving ecosystem in the knowledge that it has a frontline role to play in the local community.

Community relations are based on the principles of transparency, inclusiveness and respect for human rights outlined in the Exprivia and Italtel Code of Ethics. By constantly analysing the needs and priorities of the societies in which we operate, we are able to embrace new challenges, defining an increasingly competitive business model through new strategies and process innovations.
Our Group has developed a dense network of relations with regional entities and organisations at national and international level as well as at local level, also resorting to instruments such as sponsorships, membership fees and donations.

The focus on the communities and regions takes the form of dialogue activities and partnerships with all stakeholders and national and local organisations. Many of our top managers are involved in representative activities in associations and organisations of public interest. The Exprivia Group participates in the national Confindustria system and is involved in the governing and steering bodies of Confindustria Nazionale, Assinform and Confindustria Bari-BAT with the aim of promoting projects and initiatives that have a positive impact, also in terms of sustainability, on the regions in question. The Group is part of networks of businesses and universities, of established consortiums and temporary groups of various interest to the region generally designed to perform research and development activities and support youth enterprise and business innovation. Our most high-profile partners include Consorzio Milano Ricerche, MIP Politecnico di Milano – Gradual School of Business and Software Engineering Research & Practices Srl, and we also carry out numerous consortium activities.

During the year we have supported cultural initiatives underlining the importance, also for a tech company like ours, of promoting culture as a fundamental asset for humanity. Only through our direct involvement is it possible to improve our social, environmental and economic condition and it is in the protection and promotion of culture that our identity lies. The study of art, history and philosophy and their relationship with the past and present constitutes an authentic element of social innovation in a context in which the language of culture increasingly permeates corporate management processes, giving substance to our vision of the future.