Family Audit Certification

At Exprivia, we're like a family!

Exprivia SpA has achieved Family Audit Certification for its locations in Puglia. The certificates of the companies - including Exprivia SpA - that undertook this journey were delivered to the Offices of the Region. Those in attendance included Welfare Councillor Rosa Barone, representative of the Italian Prime Minister's Office Francesca Petrossi and representatives of the Autonomous Province of Trento.


Family Audit Certification: a management tool whose goal is to support a cultural change in the company, through innovative work-life balance measures.

It is a standard that triggers a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement and offers the opportunity to join a network of companies that aim to become excellent workplaces. Family Audit is a registered trademark owned by the Autonomous Province of Trento, which acts as certification body. The certification process is carried out through systematic and standardised evaluation processes with the support of accredited professionals.
With a Tender in 2019, the Puglia Region contributed financially to supporting these initiatives within the region.


Our project

A Project consisting of 17 actions in the areas of work organisation, management culture, communication, corporate and territorial welfare and new technologies, with ample space given to flexibility and remote-working measures, managerial training, advanced welfare, apprenticeships for young people in the area and attention to ESG issues. Measures that will be developed throughout the country over the next three years.


“Exprivia aims to instil a culture of organisational well-being at every level in order to strengthen the engagement of its staff and become increasingly attractive to young candidates”.

stated Gianfranco Minervini, Head of the Labour Contract and Regulations Function of the Exprivia Group, upon accepting the certification, expressing his satisfaction for the achievement of this objective.

Let's build a flexible, dynamic and people-friendly world together.