Digital factoring

In the register of success with Exprivia
The all digital version of factoring operating functions. Security and versatility with customer ratings, procedure monitoring, electronic case files and business management.
The factoring software package developed by Exprivia is fully integrated and covers every function, from the management of databases to anti-money laundering, financial statement processing, Bank of Italy supervisory reporting, assignor/debtor file management, funding management and general accounting.

In addition, it provides important accessory features like electronic case files, customer ratings, assignment/disbursement monitoring and management routines and the complete package for web interfacing between our customer and its users.

It also provides secure data processing systems for back ups, disaster recovery, business continuity, etc.

In the realm of back office services, Exprivia’s factoring area supports all company operating functions, such as corporate affairs management, credit facilities office, factoring, bank and general accounting, financial statement preparation, management control, supervisory and BoI Credit Risk Register reporting, tax obligations. It also handles mail delivery and the creation of the archive.

The consulting component provides customers with comprehensive sector regulatory and legislative information, basic forms and contracts, and support for all particular administrative, tax and supervisory matters.

Factoring companies can therefore rely on Exprivia for all of their operating functions so they can focus only on core functions (management, commercial, risk and credit management, treasury, control).

One example of this model is the relationship with a local factoring company that has been able to count on Exprivia’s support ever since it opened its doors.

The company (which generates roughly €200 million in turnover per year) is owned by banks and financial, industrial and commercial firms in a union par excellence between bank and business; it has chosen not to work in the generalist market, and instead is dedicated to local activities, offering the full range of services made available by any modern company in this sector (with recourse, without recourse, maturity, pool factoring, etc.).

This company was able to make a great leap in quality by being enrolled in the new register of financial companies with the technological support of Exprivia.

Indeed, recently adopted regulations establish much more rigorous prudential supervisory rules in terms of the corporate structure and the compliance, auditing, credit and risk management functions as well as the control of outsourced activities, operating requirements and reporting to the Bank of Italy.

Exprivia’s experience with much larger companies already subject to binding regulations enabled this dynamic company to successfully come into compliance with the whole range of applicable requirements.