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Insurance. The digital company
Dematerialising all documentation to reduce costs, speed up procedures and facilitate on-field activities

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Digital insurance
Exprivia’s System Integration projects offer solutions and consulting services to simplify and speed up interactions with customers. We introduced the concept of the digital insurance company to:
  • guide agencies towards full digitalisation through workflows that manage document dematerialisation and automate all processes and consistency checks;
  • simplify and automate contract issue and management procedures, with the possibility of generating contracts in electronic format ready for a digital signature;
  • support agents/brokers in completely mobile sales activities by enabling contract and documentation verification and signing on mobile devices;
  • provide customers with independent, on line access to manage the acceptance of quotes and contract signing using a range of digital signature tools;
  • digitally manage the decision-making/authorisation processes in which individual managers, management committees and boards of directors are involved, including in mobility.