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IT, BPO and consulting: efficient and reliable factoring
All operating, management, accounting and regulatory activities for factoring at costs aligned with business development.
Exprivia offers factoring companies a full outsourcing service for their information systems, operating, management, administrative and accounting services and specialised consulting on the evolution of laws, regulations and standards as well as administrative and tax issues relating to the sector. Factoring companies can choose the mix of services that is best for them, and focus their energies on more highly strategic activities: the commercial approach to customers, credit risk management and funding. The more than fifty factoring companies that have used Exprivia’s systems and consulting and continue to do so successfully on a daily basis bear witness to our reliability.

Factoring - IT Dimension
Exprivia’s factoring information system is capable of covering every need of factoring companies (operating, management, accounting and regulatory) while guaranteeing efficiency, risk monitoring and limited running costs aligned with business development. Specific components are available for process management, from automatic credit risk assessments and counterparty ratings, to contract management and management reporting. These solutions support the series of processes that characterise the product's life cycle:

  • customer contact and prospect management;
  • screening, evaluation and granting of credit facilities;
  • loading of transfers and disbursements;
  • performance monitoring;
  • portfolio risk analysis;
  • workout and dispute management.

The solution is complemented by a home factoring component (available for our customers’ assignors and debtors) and is integrated with specialised sub-systems for:

  • anti-money laundering functions;
  • supervisory and Italian credit risk register reporting. 

30 years of custom Factoring BPO
Business Process Outsourcing
Exprivia’s solution covers the various corporate functions:

  • corporate affairs;
  • legal services;
  • credit facility office;
  • factoring accounting;
  • bank accounting;
  • general accounting;
  • preparation of financial statements;
  • management control;
  • supervisory reporting;
  • Bank of Italy credit risk register;
  • general services;
  • consulting.