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Digital processes for the evolution of credit risk management
Risk analyses, underwriting, contract management and dispute management: artificial intelligence in support of credit analysts
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From ratings to dispute management
It is clear that obtaining and properly analysing more information about customers can help to develop contracts that are more aligned with their real ability to pay, thereby reducing insolvencies and disputes.

The platform’s range of functions is configured into specific application solutions for:

  • commercial contact and campaign management (PEF - CRM module);
  • credit facility, leasing or factoring screening and decisions (PEF - Basic Module);
  • monitoring of credit positions and classifying them in management statuses (PEG - Monitoring Module);
  • rating validation (PEF - Rating Module);
  • management of counterparties in disputes (PEG - Disputes Module).

This approach enables communication between the different application packages (PEF, Monitoring and Disputes Modules), allowing for information to be shared amongst processes.

A smart relationship
The different solutions are integrated by interactive reporting environments created with Business Intelligence tools.

Contract Management
CONTMAN is a Contract Management solution that can be used to:

  • create and maintain the library of company contract templates;
  • manage the template approval and publication workflow;
  • prepare the documents/contracts of interest for the specific process by selecting them from a template library and filling them out automatically.

Credit risk: from threat to opportunity with automatic assessments
In the 1980s, we were at the forefront of understanding the importance of creating software with the ability to simulate reasoning similar to that of sector experts. Today, we are the only players in the market to unite the skills of a consulting company, for the definition of assessment models, with the know-how of an IT company, for the delivery and integration of the models within the information systems of credit institutions. Exprivia’s Basel 2 rating generation solutions are used in companies authorised to adopt the IRB approach.

Assessment Model Library
We can rely on a library of specific assessment models for the primary sources of information used in the rating process: financial statements, the Italian Credit Risk Register, internal bank performance data on leasing, factoring, negative events (procedures, complaints, defaults), qualitative data on management methods, the ownership structure, production processes. These models are used alongside other specific models to examine the feasibility and sustainability of each individual lending transaction. The assessment models are based on a proprietary methodology that combines a statistical framework with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and systematically manages the rating process. The final assessment is clear and linear, expressed in a report in natural language accompanied by summary and detailed numerical ratings. The assessment models are available in a range of solutions:

  • RATING PLUS to generate counterparty ratings;
  • PERFÍDO to assess the credit application (short and medium/long-term, until revocation and revolving);
  • ALVIN to assess lease transactions.

These solutions are invoked on line or batch, on individual positions or portfolios, and the results are conveyed to users through PEF, monitoring and/or management dashboard solutions.