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Competencies and technologies for the evolution towards virtualized networks

To manage and monitor virtualized networks
Collection, storage and real-time analysis of information from heterogeneous sources
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Exprivia has a competence centre on the new network management systems (NG-OSS), with a team of experts in market leader solutions such as IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView, Infovista and the main open source technologies, such as OpenNms, Nagios and Cacti.
Exprivia also produces management systems based on the BigData & Analytics paradigm using open-source technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Liferay, Elasticsearch, NoSQL databases, such as MongoDb, and Message Brokers such as Kafka and ActiveMQ. The capacity and experience of the Exprivia team in this sector have enabled the production of an open source framework called Gi8, designed to collect data from heterogeneous sources, the storage and analysis in real time, which is well adapted to the management and monitoring of virtualized networks (SDN). Using its network of technology partners, Exprivia can also offer innovative OSS solutions for the analysis of customer behaviour and the determination of the customer experience.

Due to its long experience with telecommunications networks, Exprivia provides its customers with a competence centre for the design and production of next-generation OSS management systems. Due to its many experiences with complex projects for its main customer Telco, Exprivia can support the customer from the architectural design of the solution to its implementation and integration with existing systems and the Operation and Maintenance phases, including post delivery support.

Starting from the traditional ITU-T, TMN (Telecommunications Management Network) standards through the NGOSS specifications of the Telemanagement Forum to the current systems that use Big Data and Analytics technologies and models, as well as Microservices, Exprivia can produce OSS systems using both "Carrier Grade" products, such as IBM, HP or Infovista, and OpenSource products, such as Hadoop, Spark, Liferay, and ElasticSearch, using NoSQL databases, such as MongoDb, and Message Brokers, such as Kafka and ActiveMQ. The competence and long experience of the Exprivia staff with OSS enables it to produce both traditional solutions such as Fault & Performance Management and Configuration Management, and Business Management, Customer Experience Management and Service Assurance solutions.

On the basis of its knowledge of the more traditional OSS, applying the new big data technologies and the paradigm of architectures based on microservices, Exprivia has developed a framework called "Gi8 OSS Analytics", which is used to collect data from the network world and not only that, in order to analyse services, rather than the single resource, and Customer Behaviour. This approach, in which the raw data of transactions are connected and correlated with size such as the subscriber, the single handset or the single location is taking on an increasingly central role in competitive strategies.

Gi8 provides the customer with:

  • A horizontal integration layer capable of quickly acquiring large amounts of data from numerous sources at the same time
  • A layer for correlating the data acquired from the various network segments, enriching it with dimensional metadata
  • A layer for filtering everything that is not relevant, thus lightening the load on the layer for historicizing this information
  • The historicization of heterogeneous information both on line and off line
  • A web front end for viewing the data acquired using advanced dashboards