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Proprietary tailor-made solutions
Open source and off-the-shelf technologies for designing and producing profiled solutions
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Exprivia offers its customers a Software Factory for producing proprietary tailor-made systems and solutions. In this sense, Exprivia has ISO9001 certification and uses Agile design and development methods such as SCRUM and DevOps, and has highly qualified staff certified as Professional SCRUM Masters and Professional SCRUM Developers. Also in this setting, the great skills of the Exprivia team enable them to use both open source and off-the-shelf technologies for the design and production of solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.

Exprivia has over 60 resources specialized in the development of Carrier-Grade software, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, System integration, Capacity Planning, as well as a deep knowledge of the Carrier Grade infrastructure of the operating procedures of leading service providers of national Data Centers.

The Software Factory has acquired over time DevOps tools that allow it to adopt an "agile" approach for the production of systems and solution, working on end to end productiveness and thus obtaining advantages in terms of efficiency, also for the customer.

Exprivia follows all the phases of the life cycle of the software and can respond adequately and efficiently to technical service needs, in conformance with the release times, expected quality and performance levels even in extremely critical situations.

The great experience in the design and production of complex solutions for many operating scenarios is made possible by the cross-competence-area skills that involve the following sectors:

  • Enterprise Web Applications
  • Sensor Enabling Platforms: IOT, data gathering, cloud computing
  • M2M Applications
  • Distributed Architectures

In the production of solutions, Exprivia adapts the customer's requirements by using its in-depth knowledge of the main technologies and architectures such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, NoSql Databases, PAAS, Software Containerization, ESB, Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), WebService Orchestration and DataAccess Platforms. In this way, it designs and integrates complex SOA architectures through the use of the main proprietary and Open Source frameworks such as Fabric8, ActiveMq, Apache Camel, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes and WSO2 framework.

The catalogue of solutions is also open to the world of "Internet of Things", due to the simplicity of the MQTT protocol that enables simple technologies such as a single-board computer to integrate with carrier grade platforms ready to process large volumes of data.

Mastered Technologies

  • Application server: Jboss , Weblogic, Liferay, Tomcat
  • SOA Platforms: WSO2, Fabric8, Fuse ESB
  • Message oriented: Message Brokers, Camel, JMS, MQTT
  • WebServices SOAP/Rest: CXF, Axis, Jersey
  • Security: JAAS, TLS/SSL, LDAP, OAuth2, SSO via OpenID, SAML2, CAS, XACML
  • Data Access (DB relazionali: Oracle, MySql, etc… , Hibernate + Spring, DB Non relazionali: Hbase, Mongo)
  • EJB Statefull & Stateless
  • Data Format Transformation: XSLT, XML, SAX, JAXB