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Ever since the advent of the Internet, Exprivia has acquired important web technology skills. Today, Exprivia offers a complete range of solutions and services for the development of mobile applications for the main operating systems (IOS, Android and Windows Mobile) and portals or web-based applications with modern content management technologies, integrating them with the most sophisticated and reliable identity & access management technologies and web services. Exprivia can produce innovative projects for the B2B or B2B2C market using social network integrations and technologies. The great ability of Exprivia’s teams to use open source and off-the-shelf technologies guarantees maximum efficacy in the design and implementation of complex projects for the customer.

Exprivia has specialized resources in the development of Web & Mobile solutions in accordance with the very latest Carrier-Grade technologies and architectures.
In particular, the activity has focused on the production and management of WEB portals, Enterprise Content Management, SEO, Contents, marketing support as well as the design and provision of cross-company application integration services, such as Identity & Access Management, Search Engines and VoIP.

For the development of web portals, Exprivia has specialized over the years in the use of Liferay Portal: the Open Source platform and independent leader in the production of business type company portals capable of giving immediate results and long-term value. Through the use of Liferay and a multidisciplinary team made up of Liferay, UX Designer and Web Architect Programmers and Developers, the Exprivia software factory can offer scalable, reliable solutions to guarantee high performance both in house and in the cloud.

In addition to what is provided "out of the box" by Liferay, Exprivia proposes a Portlet turnkey solution using the following technologies: Spring MVC, Hibernate, Interfaces towards WSO2 DSS, JSP, Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML, XML, Highcharts and Data Tables.

The group has considerable experience in producing dynamic dashboards, that is, the application of KPIs that can be established simply by the customer directly from a user interface.

Exprivia also offers mobile solutions and applications for the main operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows Phone), optimized to meet both the company’s needs and the commercial needs of its customers.
The team of experts can manage the entire life cycle of the project, guaranteeing its support from the definition of the requirements to the publication of the Apps in the reference stores (Google Play, App Store and Windows Store), through the following phases:

  • Analysis of customer requirements
  • Definition of the physical and logical interfaces with the existing systems (Back-End)
  • Development and testing of the software components
  • Installation and configuration of the software applications
  • Integration of the solution in the customer's testing and production environments

Depending on the reference setting and project needs, the development can be oriented towards "native" Apps (that is, written and compiled for a specific platform using one of the programming languages supported by the specific operating system) or "hybrid" Apps (that is, written with web technologies but executed locally within a native application, using platforms such as Cordova-PhoneGap).

Particular importance is given to the User Experience and the User Interface, both considered critical components for a successful application. In this sense, the design, development and test phases are always oriented towards guaranteeing maximum usability and satisfaction of the end user, in terms of graphical aspects, usability of the contents and operating performance.

In addition to the Mobile App, which constitutes the Front-End in the hands of the end user, the solutions offered may include the production of mediation and business logic systems towards the customer's existing Back-End systems on which the information to be managed is stored.
These systems (such as the Mobile Orchestrator proprietary product) make the protocols and information management logic transparent to the end user and implement additional functions, such as:

  • Access control
  • Data caching
  • Communication campaign management
  • Integration with third-party services (es.: Google & Apple Push Notification)
  • Software update management

Finally, Exprivia guarantees full support for its customers also in the post-release phase, providing corrective and evolutive maintenance services that allow monitoring of the continual evolutions of operating systems, technologies and mobile device formats and enrichment of the Apps created with additional functions.