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Sap S/4HANA Cloud
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Smarter Cloud ERP
New business requirements demand a greatly simplified digital core enabling organisations to manage their business efficiently and effectively. The ideal cloud solution must deliver end-to-end business process coverage along with continuous innovation.

This is how SAP S / 4HANA Cloud presents itself as a smarter Cloud ERP:

• It delivers intelligent services based on automatic learning algorithms, such as integration with SAP Cash Application software to automate the invoice matching process and deliver predictive results to SAP S / 4HANA Cloud.
• It features embedded, enriched analytics that create ‘mini’ CEOs and CFOs.
• It gives immediate visibility to every aspect of the business in order to go beyond automation and towards intelligent and predictive suggestions provided to users as they are using it.
• It provides best practices for rapid deployment.
• It covers the business process end-to-end with a SaaS solution that includes procurement, sales, finance, supply chain and human resources.