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Reduced overall cost of ownership
For companies, making massive investments in hardware and platforms means tying up capital that could be used for other priorities. So today we need solutions that help companies manage their projects without having to approve large budgets.

This is why SAP S / 4HANA Cloud reduces the total ownership costs.
• You start in a few weeks, saving huge project and implementation costs.
• It reduces the costs of supporting and training resources, leaving them free to carry out activities with real added value.
• It offers a subscription-based model at no initial cost, as was the case with the licensing and maintenance-based model (pay-as-you-use).
• It allows you to shift from capital expenditure to operating expenditure, freeing up funds for other business priorities.
• It offers a simplified, virtualised architecture that reduces ownership and maintenance costs.
• It ensures minimal investment in time and resources to manage your infrastructure and Platform.