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Sap S/4HANA Cloud
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Improve business agility
The linear and mechanical processes of the past, suitable for a single mode of operation, will appear slow in the digital age. Companies need an organic platform that facilitates faster and easier evolution. Smart organisation and process innovation are preconditions for improved agility.

How SAP S / 4HANA Cloud improves your business agility.
• It supports cloud combinations with on premise systems and other cloud offerings, taking a hybrid approach to coexisting in a company environment.
• It provides the ability to scale the cloud footprint as needed.
• It supports Merger&Acquisition activities: feasibility analyses, consolidation of business processes and integration of IT systems.
• It seamlessly integrates with other SAP cloud products, such as SAP Ariba and SAP Success Factors, as well as with non-SAP solutions.
• It offers easy to manage customer-specific integration scenarios and customisations with minimal impact on existing system capabilities.
• It delivers higher value proposals with quarterly innovation cycles.
• It keeps the time and effort required to update the application with the latest version and functionality of the software to a minimum.