Environmental Management System
Safeguarding and protecting the environment for future generations constitutes a central part of our vision for growth and for the business.
Responsible by choice
Safeguarding and protecting the environment for future generations constitutes a central part of our vision for growth and for the business. As such, we have implemented an Environmental Management System (SGA) that includes company policies compliant with ISO 14001 standards, whose guiding principle is the prevention and reduction of pollution and environmental protection.
Environmental Policy

Cognisant of the importance of safeguarding and protecting the environment and firmly believing that environmental quality impacts the quality of life and economic development, Exprivia has decided to voluntarily observe UNI EN ISO ISO 14001 standards by defining and implementing an Environmental Management System compliant with the requirements of said standards.

In order to make the company's responsibility to the environment clear, management has formulated its Environmental Policy and made it available to the public, customers and all interested agencies.

Demonstrating its environmental commitment consists of:

  • Operating in accordance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and norms;
  • Informing, training and updating company employees to promote environmental responsibility and awareness, as well as involving them proactively in implementing and improving the Environmental Management System;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the environmental impacts of performing company activities, understanding the effects and identifying the causes, as part of continuous improvement;
  • Preventively evaluating the potential environmental effects of new processes and/or significant changes made to existing processes;
  • Each employee, as part of his/her working activities, must be constantly informed, trained and made aware of the impacts that his/her duties could have on the environment. Hence, every employee is asked, within his/her role, to pursue the objectives established by the organisation and that are listed here;
  • Waste generated must be reduced, recycled or reused to the extent possible, limiting waste to that which is strictly necessary for productivity, ensuring that the waste is disposed of safely
  • The use of energy and material resources must be constantly optimised in order to streamline it;
  • Sharing of environmental knowledge, working together with customers, suppliers, the public and all interested agencies;
  • Continuous improvement of initial environmental performance.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the Group defines and occasionally reviews the environmental objectives and targets, consistent with the policy formulated. Each employee is responsible for complying with this Environmental Policy which represents Exprivia's contribution to future generations.

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