Environmental Management System

Safeguarding and protecting the environment for future generations constitutes a central part of our vision for growth and for the business.

Responsible by choice
Safeguarding and protecting the environment for future generations constitutes a central part of our vision for growth and for the business. As such, we have implemented an Environmental Management System (SGA) that includes company policies compliant with ISO 14001 standards, whose guiding principle is the prevention and reduction of pollution and environmental protection.
Environmental Policy
Exprivia has always looked to the future, carrying out constant research into new technologies that anticipate market trends so it can provide its customers with solutions and expertise that improve their products and services. This strategic vision, together with its understanding of the specific needs of each and every customer, its vertical offer system, its ability to manage complex projects and its internationally renowned R&D department, are the distinguishing features of the Group. Aware of the importance of safeguarding and protecting the environment, particularly given its strong conviction that the quality of the environment impacts on quality of life and economic development, Exprivia has decided to voluntarily adhere to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard, defining and implementing an Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of this certification. As such, in order to highlight the responsibility it adopts with regard to the environment, the company management has developed an Environmental Policy, making it accessible to the public, to customers and to all interested organisations. This demonstration of its environmental commitment translates into:
  • satisfying its compliance obligations, operating with respect for all applicable laws, regulations and rules in the environmental sphere;
  • constantly safeguarding the environment from its production processes and from the use of the company infrastructure and structures required for these processes;
  • informing, training and updating company staff in order to promote environmental awareness and responsibility, and proactively involving them in the introduction and improvement of the environmental management system;
  • monitoring and assessing the environmental impacts generated by its activities, understanding their effects and identifying the causes, with the goal of continuous improvement and the prevention of environmental pollution;
  • assessing in advance the potential environmental effects of new processes and/or major variations to existing processes;
  • continuously improving the Environmental Management System to enhance the company’s environmental performances.
All employees are constantly informed, trained and made aware of the impact that their jobs can have on the environment. As such, in the context of their roles all workers are required to pursue the goals that the company has set:
  • optimal waste and waste-water management, aimed at ensuring that waste products are reduced, recycled or reused as much as possible, limiting them to the absolute minimum required for productivity and ensuring that they are disposed of in accordance with legal compliance obligations, as well as reducing the pollution load of waste-water;
  • the use of energy, natural and material resources is constantly optimised with the goal of maximizing efficiency;
  • sharing of environmental knowledge, collaborating with customers, suppliers, the population and all the concerned bodies;
  • continuous improvement of the company's environmental performance, with particular regard to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from company sources;
  • communication to stakeholders - both internal and external - of the company's environmental performance.
In the spirit of continuous improvement and in accordance with the aforementioned policy, the company defines environmental goals and landmarks for the various levels and functions of the organisation, reviewing them from time to time. Each employee is responsible for respecting this Environmental Policy, which represents Exprivia’s contribution on behalf of the future generations.