Public Sector

We believe in the evolution of the PA. Starting with the elimination of queues.

Cybersecurity, digital identity, digital documents and electronic payments: the Digital Agenda for Italy designs the economy 4.0, increasingly based on Big Data and the IoT.

Public Administration digitization: the first step to modernizing a country
Intangible substance.
Bureaucratic streamlining through the digitalised management of the PA - along with organisational renewal activities - now allows for the reconciliation of spending optimisation with service quality, as it provides users with multiple rapid and effective communication channels that connect residents with public institutions and provide the latter with a series of worry-free and completely secure tools for completing administrative procedures.
Puglia Digitale 2.0
A growing region
A region is not only a geographical distinction: it is an economic, cultural and social fabric to be looked at as a modern community in constant evolution, in which businesses, the public administration and the individual user can benefit from advantages while working towards the shared goal of growth.
The Greater District project
IT cuts queues and supports business
On line services for self-certifications, registry and property use certificates, tax payments, declarations, registry searches, the opening of public establishments, environmental authorisations, refunds and a range of permits.
A new M.U.S.I.C.A. in town
The urban control centre created by Exprivia for urban efficiency.
Digital city
Public and private join hands




Big Data

A completely digitalised city is the essential component for a real smart city based on a community that provides information and takes direct advantage of data and services.
ANAS intranet
A new model of internal information

The Exprivia project for ANAS’s new intranet system takes the lead from a webmagazine concept: the new intranet is designed to be easy to use, light, interesting and useful, almost like the newspaper that employees read every morning to learn about news concerning the company.

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Innovation Lab
The objective of the Puglia@Service research project is to perform a strategic, organizational and technological operation that enables the transition of the Region of Puglia towards a "smart area" model.
Press releases
Exprivia technology makes the fire brigade's risk prevention activities more efficient
Press releases
Exprivia wins the tender for the supply of products and services for the creation of the Regional Information System for Diagnostic Imaging (SIRDImm) of the Puglia Region

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