Intangible infrastructure and digital citizenship

Digitalising the PA is the first step towards a revitalised government
You can call it e-government, e-gov or digital administration: for us, it is just called innovation, simplicity and reliability for the protection of businesses, residents, public employees and the government.
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Bureaucratic streamlining through the digitalised management of the PA - along with organisational renewal activities - now allows for the reconciliation of spending optimisation with service quality, as it provides users with multiple rapid and effective communication channels that connect residents with public institutions and provide the latter with a series of worry-free and completely secure tools for completing administrative procedures.

From this perspective, Exprivia has been able to rely on much of its experience in optimising processes for large private enterprises, which it has reconceptualised based on the needs of central and local governments and broken down into a range of areas, including:

  • products and services for management (financial statements and accounting, human resources, management control, demographic services, document management, social services, etc.);
  • eGovernment for relations with the public, businesses and institutions;
  • eProcurement for purchase processes and to monitor suppliers;
  • storage and sharing of electronic documents;
  • planning and control through business intelligence platforms and business analytics;
  • performance measurement in PA processes;
  • solutions to support administrative processes concerning self governance and cooperation between administrations (SOA paradigm);
  • exchanging information between entities, citizens and businesses through a single point of access;
  • system integration for operational continuity 24/7 and automatic system repairs.