The goal of the PROSIT project is to achieve an integrated hardware and software clinical collaboration platform for the diagnosis, care and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases.



The objective of the PROSIT project is to create a “clinical collaboration” platform that allows the adoption of a model to care for chronic patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases (such as atrial fibrillation, heart failure, arrhythmias, pulmonary thromboembolism, etc.). Such diseases require treatment in a hospital setting for diagnosis and for any acute phases, as well as subsequent follow-up in a home and care setting.

The PROSIT system proposes the adoption of care models that provide support and assistance to the patient directly at home, by means of virtual, computerised and advanced sensory technologies, to encourage lifestyles in line with the pathology, assess correct adherence to treatment in order to intervene promptly in the event of detected disease escalation and achieve clinical stability of the patient without the need for hospitalisation.

The project covers various areas of research, ranging from the conception and realisation of a wearable sensor for the monitoring of heart patients, advanced molecular diagnostics equipment (for the identification of genetic polymorphisms) and a system for minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery.

The PROSIT platform is able to manage the treatment workflow of a cardiac patient, both in a hospital setting as well as remotely through Remote Monitoring, starting from their classification in a Therapeutic Care Pathway and during the follow-up phases based on development of the disease in question. The reference models (clinical pathways) are defined in such a way as to adapt to the clinical condition of the patient, monitored in real time through an advanced Clinical Decision Support System.

Exprivia will carry out the following:

  • Creation of a Virtual Assistant (virtual coach) for the cardiac patient to be monitored
  • Creation of a software platform based on IoT, consisting of the following modules:
    • Designer Plan - environment for the design of PDTA (Percorsi Diagnostico Terapeutici Assistenziali - Diagnostic and Therapeutic Care Pathways)
    • Workspace Plan - environment for execution of PDTA
    • Patient Viewer - synoptic dashboard of the patient
    • Clinical Analytics - analysis of clinical data
    • Integration Framework

To create this prototype, Exprivia will use the clinical expertise provided by the staff of CiTEL (Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca in Telemedicina - Interdepartmental Telemedicine Research Centre) at the University of Bari.

  • Creation of a Control Room prototype that permits monitoring of patients and their sensors for clinical experimentation of the project.

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