Acquedotto Pugliese: what is the key to successful Utilities?

Acquedotto Pugliese: what is the key to successful Utilities?
From the online helpdesk to the 'FACILE 2.0' app, digital transformation is improving services for one million customers.
In Italy, there are 600 companies in the Energy&Utilities sector, but only 20% of them have digitalised their employees' work and their relationship with their customers. *
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Acquedotto Pugliese has been managing the integrated water service for the regions of Apulia, Basilicata and Campania for over one hundred years. AQP is a well-established and essential presence in the areas it serves, guaranteeing basic services to four million citizens. The idea that solutions lie in the development of a digitalised approach is in AQP's DNA, which is why Exprivia has guided its digital transformation for over three years.

The Demand

Serving a high percentage of the population requires constant improvement of the services provided, which is why AQP deemed it necessary to digitalise the means by which citizens can access its services. In 2018, Acquedotto Pugliese launched a digital transformation programme together with Exprivia, aimed at simplifying relations with citizens.

The Project

AQP wanted to offer user-friendly services, quickly, easily and online, which is why Exprivia created an online helpdesk as the first digital step for AQP. Hence the 'AQP Facile' virtual helpdesk was developed in 2018, a platform accessible from a browser and with responsive web design. The platform means services can be accessed simply by registering with a username, password and the customer code found on the utility bill. The website offers customers various services such as contract management, invoice requests, making changes to the contract, new connection requests, complaints, payment management and the option of making queries about sales thanks to the automatic 'AQP Risponde' (AQP Answers) service, thus avoiding queues and waiting times at traditional helpdesks.

Following the overwhelmingly positive response from users, AQP then decided to make even more services available through the 'AQP Facile' online helpdesk.

As part of its quest for constant improvement, Exprivia created the 'AQP Facile 2.0' app in 2021. The modern and user-friendly application interacts with AQP's information systems, enabling citizens to access all their services from mobile devices, e.g. obtaining account statements and making payments through PagoPA channels and by credit card, as well as paying individual instalments. The application has been designed with an international approach and can also be used in English.

The Benefits

Digitalising services in the utilities sector leads to savings of 25% in operating costs and increases performance from 20 to 40% in terms of security, reliability and customer satisfaction (source: McKinsey survey).

The people need smart solutions. Those who provide services to citizens must anticipate their needs, which is why Exprivia, thanks to its digital expertise, can offer solutions to improve interactions with the end customer.

*(Source: IBM)