management system for the Campania Region's Public Heathcare

SIAC: the Administration and Accounting System (Sistema Informativo Amministrativo Contabile) which has led to the progressive creation of a centralised regional platform

A project that embraces both Centralised Healthcare Management as well as the Regional Healthcare facilities local hospitals and medical centres of the Campania Region will be the main Public Administration digitization: the first step to modernizing a country
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The solution conceived by Exprivia in total synergy with SoReSa SpA, the regional healthcare company established by the Region of Campania to create strategic healthcare cost-cutting actions, has given life to a Single Management and Accounting System both on a regional level, for Centralised Healthcare Management, as well as for the individual medical facilities of Campania's Regional Health system.

The objectives which SoReSa aimed to achieve thanks to the new Administration and Accounting System were:

  • standardise processes for all Regional healthcare centres to make them comparable and compatible with the certifiability of the balance sheet;
  • direct and immediate monitoring of healthcare facilities by the Region of Campania;
  • centralised management of healthcare purchases in order to achieve a reduction in spending.
The solution

To support the transformation programme requested by the client, Exprivia created an ERP platform focused on different areas, introducing innovative technologies and at the same time avoiding discontinuity with previous ones.

The solution has been developed for regional management of an integrated data analysis model, and to allow the key variables to be controlled at local level (requirements, consumption, debts, cash flow).

Different winning technological platforms and solutions have been used in the project, such as:

  • SAP ERP, a key component of the integrated expenditure monitoring and management system based on the integration of management and accounting data;
  • SAP PI, to be integrated with all legacy systems (direct administration, NSO, SDI, ANAC, SIOPE + patient registry, medical records, CUP accounting, personnel accounting, data warehouse, drug distribution, etc.);
  • SAP Fiori portal, which has allowed for region-wide use by ordering units and instruction units, pharmacies, purchasing and supply units, warehouse operators (direct and centralised purchase orders, warehouse management, withdrawal requests, consignment stock, etc.).

The system is applicable to the Bodies and Medical Centres operating in the Heath sector:

  • Central regional purchasing unit;
  • Centralised healthcare management;
  • Local medical centres;
  • Hospitals;
  • University hospitals;
  • Scientific healthcare facilities;
  • Veterinary epidemiology centres.
Results achieved

The digital transformation that has seen Exprivia as a main player and strategic partner in the development of the SIAC platform is enabling the following results to be progressively achieved:

  • expenditure monitoring and management, based on the integration of management and accounting data;
  • real-time monitoring of healthcare facilities' accounting and off-balance sheet data;
  • monitoring of key variables on a local and regional level (requirements, consumption, debt, cash flow);
  • standardisation of processes, accounting and registry structures used by regional healthcare facilities, in order to certify the balance sheet;
  • management of a single database for materials (drugs and medical devices) suppliers, customers, etc.