National energy efficiency campaign

The Exprivia Group is selected as Opinion Leader in the energy efficiency campaign

ITALY IN CLASS A is a national campaign promoted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and implemented by the National Energy Efficiency Agency of ENEA aimed at promoting a more conscious and efficient use of energy and providing the tools and opportunities necessary to promote the energy transition in Italy.

With Italian Legislative Decree no. 102/2014, issued to implement Directive 2012/27/EU, the Italian government established a set of measures to promote and improve energy efficiency that aims to achieve the national energy efficiency target set for 2020 (reduction of primary energy consumption by 20 million tonnes of oil equivalent (TOE) per year, equal to 15.5 TOE of energy). In particular, the decree assigns a specific role to communication and training, both of which are essential to stimulate the energy efficiency market.

The Exprivia Group has been selected as Opinion Leader for the ITALY IN CLASS A project in recognition of the important role it plays throughout the country. Today, too many citizens are still unaware of the technical, financial and behavioural opportunities open to them to begin their journey towards a future of lower energy consumption while retaining the same level of service. The Exprivia Group is committed to supporting its stakeholders by raising awareness and encouraging the distribution of information to bridge this gap in knowledge.

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