The revolution without frontiers

Storage and sharing of diagnostic results to all levels of the Mexican healthcare system
The innovation that will reach around 13 million patients
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With a EUR 1 million contract, Exprivia creates the largest local network for publishing medical and imaging diagnostics information in Mexico, implemented on the IT system of the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSTE), the Institute of State Workers Social Security and Social Services.

Customer requirements
The context analysis brought to light two basic critical issues:

  • The customer had a fragmented scenario in its storage system for reports and images: most hospitals on the network did not have digital tools for radiology, endoscopy and pathological anatomy. In addition, many hospitals did not have digitisation tools and others worked with RIS/PACS systems of other owners.
  • There was no tool for the digital sharing of diagnostics results through the regional, general and specialist hospitals network.

The Exprivia solution
Exprivia’s EHR (Electronic Health Record) system has a repository for storing medical documents and a RIS/PACS - VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) system, allowing the storage and distribution of images and reports not only in the radiology and endoscopy fields, but also pathological anatomy reports. The project was carried out in partnership with Tesi Messico, and it was completed in a record time of just 8 months.

Image management at enterprise level (multi-site), the implementation of decentralised repository tools and the integration capacity of the centralised electronic record proved to be a decisive combination in award of the contract.

The customer can now manage all diagnostic results 100% digitally and in absolute compliance with privacy. The introduction of the electronic health record offers particular benefits to the more critical patients, who normally pass through a general, regional and then specialist level, as their records are now accessible to all levels of the Mexican healthcare system.