The advantages of the IoT with SAP Cloud Platform and Exprivi

The IoT has infinite application areas
With the Exprivia approach, the SAP Cloud Platform brings tangible benefits for the IoT
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IoT, the internet of things, is the current future: a better way to work, live, learn and have fun.

The IoT has infinite application areas in every market: Environment, Health, Smart City, Transport, Safety, Manufacturing, Construction, Agri-food, Tourism, Smart Retail, Energy, etc.

Its adoption brings tangible benefits, such as

  • virtually integrating supply chains, guaranteeing immediate answers to demand volatility
  • improving product quality with precise information collected in the plant in real-time
  • saving on operational and energy costs thanks to remote management and controls
  • minimising plant downtime thanks to predictive maintenance strategies
  • increasing labour productivity by tracking people and tools
  • launching new business models made possible by real-time connectivity with industrial plants
The Exprivia approach

Exprivia puts innovation as the main element in its offer, accompanying its customers towards the evolution of the IoT thanks to targeted PoCs (Proof of Concept) that make it possible to concretely evaluate the added value of a proposed solution.

Exprivia has chosen SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) as the reference technology platform for operating in the IoT world.
This choice lets us cover the needs of all the markets that could benefit from the solution's adoption today.